Bob Crow The Unions Brothers United

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chucklingchimp, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Just been watching Sky news.Bob Crow was being interviewed.He has called for all the Unions to stike and more worriyingly,called for civil disobedience like the poll tax riots.

    1. A good reason why the military should not have a union(previous thread)

    2. A good reason to shoot civilians causing civil unrest like the poll tax riots.(previous thread would you shoot the civi pop)

    This is all in aid of cutbacks the coalition goverment are going to implement.The Unions are not happy.The Unions want to be a bit careful we know what happened to the miners.Brothers United?They can go and kcuf themselves.They have kcuf all to moan about.
  2. Great! Another chance to break a strike and piss off the local RMT members! :)
  3. Bob Crow and his brethren can do what they like.
    Support from the rest of the populance will be thin and strikes now may well kill off the union movement for good.
    The unions will sharp realise tht the public doesn't give a flying **** how much public sevice spending is cut, the general public don't have the money to support public spending at the level it has been for the last decade.

    I think Bob Crow may just bury himself before winter has been and gone.
  4. I will happily watch as they nail their own coffins shut.
  5. Don't think that everyone who is a member of a trade union supports this stance either. I'm a member of a union but would resign if they called us out on strike over cuts - we're over-staffed and the money isn't there. A lot of people in the trade union movement detest Bob Crow and the way he behaves as he gives us all a bad name.
  6. Bob Crow RIP
  7. Have any of you guys thought the reasons why anyone employed in the UK, including all armed forces, has a reasonable recourse to employment laws that offer some protection to the individual?
  8. Bob Crow and his comrades are going to need some Kleenex...its going to end in tears.Past experience eg the miners stike should be a lesson to what happens to unions flexing their muscle and the establishment saying enough is enough.Bob Crow could ballot and call stikes but if the stikes were prolonged his ``members`` would not get paid,he would get paid,so,how long would it be before his members would say kcuf this for a game of soldiers.The odd day out on stike most workers could handle a prolonged event would be a different kettle of fish altogether.

    Up the Unions right up them.
  9. Which has **** all to do with Bob Crow's anticts today does it?
  10. Yea but if the stikes are prolonged i think many more would join you.
  11. The unions will make a bit of mouth but I bet most members don't support them and won't be carried along with the banner waving. The unions fill themselves with members money and get richer than the bosses they are supposed to be protecting members from.
    Ask Tony Woodley or Derek Simpson. I'm sure ancient mariner will be along to tell us how vile they are and he's right.
  12. It's only when the public have draconian cuts forced on them and their families, will they realise it's too late.

    Yes cuts are needed, but cutting jobs & contracts will mean that the fewer tax payers will pay for them to do nothing.

    Cut their benefits, and force them to accept shit jobs, then you have the seeds of public unrest.

    You do not realise the consequences yet.

    People may think it clever to advocate shooting protesters, but with their backs to the wall they may shoot back.
  13. What has this got to do with what Bob Crow is advocating?
  14. I don't realise the consequences? If you say so.

    There is no money left, we cannot afford to have 20% of the working population working for the state. There isn't enough money. Even when economic times were good we couldn't afford it, thats why that nice Mr Brown ran up so much debt for the country.
    Debt that we poor hard working people on the street have to re-pay.
    Osbourne canslash away to his hearts content (with the exception of defence, which is the states 1st responsibility) and I won't bat an eyelid.
    I don't care how many nurses and teachers get sacked, I can't afford to pay for the ******* anymore.
  15. Although Crow normally makes me want to cry tears of frustration and whenever he talks The Strawbs "Union Man" plays in my head, it is right and proper that someone is the ying to the government yang. Traditionaly part of that ying has been the trade union movement. And all of us should have an understanding that employment rights were fought for, not given freely. So what does that have to do with Crow's antics. (1) I believe in the right to withold labour (unless by consent you waive that right). (2) Everyone agrees that deficit reduction is the order of the day. However, I have grave concerns about the way that the Coalition is going about business. We, as a country are entering into a negotiation with ourselves. I'm glad someone is offering as polarised negotiating starting point, as with most negitiations hopefully the result will be a happy compromise somewhere in the middle.