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Bob Carolgees teaches at Blandford

We have recently found where Bob Carolgees has disappeared too. He is in fact teaching networking at the Royal School of Signals. (Alright it's a Sgt that looks just like him).

However being the good techs we are, we decided to find out more about our instructor and found these amazing facts

and this great game.

Enjoy I'm off to dig up some dirt on Derek Folds and that fcuking fox.
Here are 10 facts about popular entertainer Bob Carolgees.

1 Although Bob Carolgees is white, he has the love truncheon of a big nigger.

2 Bob Carolgees refuses point blank to believe in the acidity of lemon juice and if anyone tries to explain it to him he backs them into a corner and emits a high pitched scream one inch from their face.

3 Bob refuses to have sex with his wife unless she allows him access to her shit pipe.

Good man
Bob Carolgees was witnessed wanking Spit the dog off in a Blackpool B&B. Apparently Spit was depressed and craved the delights of an experienced puppeteers hand.

For a packet of B&H I'd let Bob turn my tool into a pistol grip.
Saw him on R&R GW1, was better than the other sh*t they put on the show with him, his other puppet the Monkey had a MP arm band and and he worked hard on stage for the lads got a good few laughs.

Still a ugly f*cker though with a fetish for sticking his hand up a dogs bottom :)

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