Bob Ainsworthlesss under funded army

Apropos lack of 'elicopters etc today's obituary of Field Marshall Haig's son made interesting reading.
In 1942 he surrendered to the Germans because he was up against "88s" in a Crusader tank (inadequately armoured and unreliable) with a "useless" 2 pounder and a radio that didn't work.
Sounds familiar.
Ah the 2pdr. Only fired AP and Smoke rounds, yet they still fitted it to the Matilda infantry support tank. Early in the desert war it gave ridiculous situations whereby Matilda's would advance on Pak37 positions - the Paks couldn't knock out the Matilda's, and lacking HE the tankies couldn't knock out the Paks. Resorted to driving over them in the end.

Jesus we (usually) suck at equipment, we really do.

Yes i'm aware of all the exceptions, BEF 1914, Royal Navy 1800+ etc etc but IN THE MAIN
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