Bob Ainsworth - The Trouble with Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bakersfield, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. A friend of mine who works in MOD main building (he is AGC) said that Ainsworth - although didn't know what he was on about - was actually a good bloke who tried hard.

    Brown must have been the problem all along.
  2. nobody would have done a steller job most of the damge has already been done.
  3. Not Hoon or Mandleson or even Blair then Just Brown to blame :?
  4. I think the comment that he could not even organise a local visit without a team to be very telling.

    No doubt he tried hard and meant for the best, but sometimes that is not good enough.
  5. My god.

    He almost seems human. It makes you wonder how bad things could have been with someone like Ed Balls at SOS for defence....
  6. Is the answer: he was a psychotic oaf; a socially inept oaf; an economically useless oaf; a control freak; the most inept, unqualified holder of either of his offices since his immediate predecessor?

    I thought so. Why therefore did you accept the appointment and why did you not resign? Hutton did.

    Arrsers, feel no pity, no pangs of sympathy for the detritus that masqueraded as a government under the 'pop-star' Bliar or the fat and wholly unappetising lump Brown - kick them whilst they are down and kick them very hard!
  7. HA HA HA HA HA what a gutless useless cnut.why the F**k didn't he say that in the house of commons then,******
  8. I actually got an oportunity to sit with Bob Ainsworth and Rob Flello (my local Labour MP) before the election and chat over a brew and a hot-cross bun or two, and in all honesty I've got to say that they both came accross as very sincere blokes - and I assure you I'm no fan of the Labour party.

    Maybe he should have stood up and been counted earlier, but as a bloke he seemed ok, and Rob certainly is a keen supported of the armed forces.

    I've also had the misfortune to bump into Mr Brown (in Whitehall) and he did not come accross as a nice chap at all!

    Quite the name-dropper aren't I? 8)
  9. Great , but I still think he's a gutless cnut
  10. The only way I would have come across that lying cheating traitorous pair of scumballs is in something large and heavy. Why they have not been arrested under International Law for wageing an aggresive war is beyond me. They used to hang people for that in the past, give me some piano wire and a few lamposts and we can miss the trial out and go straight to the sentence.
  11. Basically this cnut is saying he didn't give a shite about the fact that soldiers were getting killed because he was frightened of Brown, pass me the piano wire
  12. Being 'frightened of Brown (the coward) is, was, like being frightened of reality.

    Brown is a psychologically flawed, socially inept, politically incompetent, intellectually challenged misfit.

    Many of the problems facing this once great nation may be laid at the feet of third rate non-entities in public office who were frightened of Brown (the coward).

    Will he, Brown (the coward), face the consequences of his awful 'reign' of incompetence and terror, no, of course not!
  13. Of course they are going to come across as sincere blokes ............. they are duplitious, lying, two faced, snouts in the trough, smarmy, unctious, self serving, vote catching, say anything to placate the proles. politicians.
  14. Well putb Exile. You become an MP by appearing to be sincere/a good bloke/ in touch, not by actually being those things. Just fool the voters and you're there.