Bob Ainsworth the new SoS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guardian3A, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. According to Sky News (no link) Bob Ainsworth is going to be the new SoS. God help us!
  2. Just heard it confirmed on BBC.

  3. God help us with Bob Aint'worthit' in charge. The MoD will be devoid of any personality that hadn't already deserted it with that man in charge.
  4. May god have mercy on all your souls. Thank fvck I am out. Things have been bad, they are about to get much, much, much worse.
  5. Oh for fcuks sake do be brief he's about as much use as t1ts on a fish! :x
  6. International Marxist being the operative words.
  7. It's only temporary. They'll all be on the dole soon enough.
  8. Amen
  9. And actually that's all that matters. They might just as well have given the job to the very nice lady who runs the tea rooms on the high street. Who actually gives a flying fuck? I think we can all rest assured Mr G Brown doesn't.
  10. The modern day equivalent of Fred Mulley!

    This must be a decision occasioned by spite and pure malice.

    PS: So he is a Marxist - so is his temporary boss 'Stalin' Brown.

    Talking of Marxists, where is the vociferous 'ashie' and his explanations of this tragedy of errors?
  11. Is this him signing on for his dole money next month?

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  12. Staggering! After his fraudulent expense claims I'd assumed his days were numbered as a Labour MP - now the cnut has one of the highest offices in the land.

    There has to be deal going on behind this "'Lookie here now Bob, I'll give you the top job if you release that nice site at Bordon for my shiny new ecotown". Watch the announcements on 6 July.
  13. Is the talent bucket at Nu Labour so empty that they have to put this piece of scum in charge of defence? What a disaster for the MOD, a complete buffoon in charge.
  14. All the semi decent choices are gone, so its barrel scraping time
  15. you have got to be fukcing joking