"Bob Ainsworth needs shooting"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Karl_uk, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. F*cking well said by the Grandmother of one of the boys who came back today. (Channel 4 7 O'clock news)

    And his interview on channel 4 news has pissed me of to an entirely new level i didn't think the possible, the ******* **** ! :evil: Talking completely out his arrse and not giving a flying **** so many troops are dying
  2. :pissedoff: Everybody on the outrage bus. :pissedoff:
  3. The bus will never be big enough to hold us all.
  4. Shooting - yes, but only after a public humiliation. I invite other arrsers to suggest the means by which the communist may be properly and publicly humiliated - that is humiliated!
  5. Shooting's too easy (for him), let the Dads, brothers, uncles etc kick him to pieces - 1 week of kicking for every soldier that dies on his watch......then Granny can shoot him once he's voted out.
  6. What, like this? Or did you have something in mind that might even more clearly indicates he is an utterly worthless toerag and a gutless disgrace who will continue to defend the party line no matter how idiotic it is and no matter how stupid he looks?

    This bloke is not fit for any ministerial role


    PS that really is is a very bad wig
  7. Only if we tie Ainsworth to the back of it and drag the cnut until he has been skinned alive... :twisted:
  8. Please have some sympathy for Mr Ainsworth.

    He was the 'best' that the Labour Party can do.
  9. Odious little toad.

    It is OK for him to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds (of our tax money) on second home allowances, yet he has the nerve to stand in front of the cameras and lie to the public.

    Even technical experts have said the Merlins are going through an upgrade and "may" not be ready until late in t e year, the Chinooks are nowhere near ready (i think they said one was completed) and the troops have only received about 20%ish of the AVs they need.

    Why aren't the press all over these Ministers?

    It was a waste of time writing my MP, Liebour, as i never had the courtesy of a reply.

    We can pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to Cherie Blair Booth and co to defend known terrorists, we can give away billions to the banks, send billions abroad in aid, give 40 million a day to the EU, but can we get the AVs out to the troops pronto and get them reinforcements? No way they start counting the pennies.

    I notice when he went to Afghanistan he was flown in country by a helicopter, travelled in a very well protected armoured vehicle and had a body guard in the dozens by the look of it. He obviously thinks he is more important than our brave troops!

    Could we not do a YouTube viral highlighting the things he bought under ACA compared to what it would buy in the way of protection for the troops, eg dining table and chairs £1780, 2x HI Boody armour etc, then get everyone on Arrse to visit and bounce it up. The press would soon be all over it?

  10. I can remember a time, not that long ago, when Immigration Minister was the sh!t job nobody wanted. How things have changed. Now it's SoS for Defence. If it wasn't so globally embarrassing it'd be laughable.
  11. Ainsworth was, in 1982 and 83, a candidate member of the International Marxist Group. The IMG supported the IRA.

    Ainsworth Bio 01
    Ainsworth Bio 02
    the IMG

    Less than 25 years ago this man wanted to belong to an organisation that supported an enemy which murdered soldiers; he is now responsible for the lives of those same soldiers. It is dangerous to have a man heading an organisation who has demonstrated questionable loyalty to that org and its personnel. I doubt a leopard's spots change so dramatically in 25 years, but I hope he has the courage to start supporting soldiers now.
  12. I doubt that whatever we do to him it won't be enough for the suffering he has caused.

    However, I'm willing to give it a go. DO you think the time is right for a parade round London? If the Tamils can screw up London, why can't we?
  13. UTTER C**T
  14. I wouldn't waste a bullet on this pile of sh1t you do him and all his mates with 1 rope
  15. There's an old saying that " If you can't be a communist when you're young when can you be one ? " but he was in the terrorist supporting IMG when he was 30 years old FFS !