Bob Ainsworth in the firing line?

Appears that there may be a difference of opinion between 'Elicopter Bob and the chain of command regarding the circumstances of Capt Phillipson's death in 2006.

The Times claims that Ainsworth smeared the commanding officer in an attempt to deflect criticism from equipment shortages.

Blimey! Ainsworth smearing a h'officer. 8O Wot the 'ell's the world coming to?

Bob Ainsworth, the defence secretary, has been accused of a cover-up over the death of the first British soldier to be killed in action in the Nato operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, by smearing his commanding officer.

Tony Philippson, whose son James died in June 2006 after being sent into battle without basic equipment, including night-vision goggles, accused Ainsworth of trying to deflect blame from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) by criticising Major Jonny Bristow, his son’s commander.

A panel of three senior army officers is expected to exonerate Bristow, clearing him of making tactical errors. Their report is due to be published later this year.

“This will prove Bob Ainsworth was trying to cover up the real reason for James’s death. He was trying to shift blame away from the lack of equipment for which the MoD was responsible and negligent,” Philippson said.


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So now it starts with Sideshow Bob.

Knock me down with a feather for all of my surprise.

Can I ask what operational intelligence did Sideshow Bob have that gave him the right to second-guess the actions of the Major Jonny Bristow? Considering that an enquiry looks to clear him, has Sideshow got 'ears on the ground' or sumat?
Bolllox, I mis-read the thread title as "in front of the firing squad!"


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