Bob Ainsworth grilled on Newsnight - NOW

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by commonwealthsoldier, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. omg he is sweating like a rapist.

    And stuttering like a dyslexic with speech problems.
  2. Paxman: "It's a notional reduction of a thousand, isn't it?!"

    Ainsworth: "It's a mathematical reduction of a thousand."

    So that's alright then! Lies, damn lies and statistics... :roll:
  3. Im still laughing,Paxman just beasted him and outed him as a blustering idiot.He didnt even know what a "tour" is,a bit disconcerting for a defence minister.Good drills Paxman.
  4. er er er er da da da der der divring idiot! we had the same from Adam Ingram last year on a visit to Afghan.
  5. Why did they do it this way? They MUST have known they would get caught out. It's not like they ever had a hope of pulling it off.
  6. That really cracked me up. Apparently, half of the announced reductions are not actually in Iraq.

    To be fair, I can't see how the reduction could have been phrased differently without being boring etc. However, I think paxman got it spot on when he asked why the announcement was made in Iraq, not in parliament.
  7. The interview reminds me of the blinking minister in the Thick of It Winter special. :D
  8. Sweet....... :lol:
  9. Glad to see the culture of spin is still alive. Could it be that New Liarbour are about to get caught out big time?
  10. Having a crow moment i had never heard of in the thick of it.Just had a look for it and its Armando Iannucci's stuff so must be worth a look.One of the other things i noticed about the interview was when Ainsworth was about to cry he used the old "since ive been in this job" excuse.I wonder how far that excuse would go if somone f@cks up on the front lines?
  11. To use the modern vernacular - Paxman OWNED Ainsworth.

    The shame is that Newsnight - probably the last bastion of proper news analysis on the Beeb - is going to have its budget axed by 20% to keep the dire BBC3 on the air.
  12. The BBC just dont have a scooby.I laughed harder and enjoyed that interview more than anything BBC3 has produced,wasnt it BBC3 that inflicted little britain on us?In some places in the world they would be up for human rights abuse.
  13. On top of Jon Snow ripping Darling to pieces last night on CH4 news about the tax on the folks living out of the country to avoid tax it's been a good week.
  14. Brown and Browne have obviously been reading out of date doctrine about the role of a 'crust' provided by the covering force to attempt to absorb (and in due course be overwhelmed by) the enemy first echelon. And tonight the crumbling ministerial crust was Bob Ainsworth, an individual of no evident merit and therefore ideally suited to the task of failing to see the questions coming.

    One of the most depressing things about today's sequence of political banter and crass opportunism is that only 11 days ago, CGS hoped / asked (take your pick) that the Armed Services might no longer be a political football. Maybe Brown and Browne might explain why they chose to disregard him. And maybe they won't.
  15. Missed it; is it on-line anywhere perchance - I need to see this!