Bob Ainsworth. Go away.


War Hero
Please please please can this worthless sack of blood and organs be banned from ever appearing on radio or television again.

There are very few times that I am genuinly glad not to be serving but whenever this man is spouting his drivel I invariably become angry and am relieved he is not, nor is ever likely to be, one the people I have to call 'boss'.

His idiot style is an embarrasment to the forces and being in a position to talk to the public about forces issues makes me cringe.

I don't care if he is competent at other areas of his job, just GET HIM OFF THE AIRWAVES!!!
Hardly inspiring, is he? I guess you've just heard him on The World at One too. Listen again]here [/url]. The item starts about five minutes into the programme but watch your blood pressure as he pours scorn on senior military figures and other thinkers while spinning on about increases in defence spending despite the fact we are trying to fight wars on two fronts (three if you count the UK's domestic threat).


War Hero
Actually no, I hadn't heard him on The World At One, I just saw his name on another thread and felt the need to go off on one.
He looks like a child deviant.
Cor, you just would, wouldn't you?

Step aside ladies, this one is mine!
He really is one of the worst of a very, very bad bunch.

The growling oaf of an unelected (In line with European Soviet Union practice) prime minister must have been desperate to appoint this clown - he is not even Scottish.
I wish you hadn't pointed me at the World at One and that interview, U_Q. My monitor is lucky to remain unpunched.
I did hear part of an interview at lunchtime with some clown who was talking about "the Marquee (sic) of Salisbury". Was it Ainsworth? And if so, is he really that thick or was he taking the p*ss? Perhaps he was loitering within tent (sorry).
Sandshuffler said:
Did you know he was a member of the International Marxist Group.
Seems to have changed sides since his early days of trouble making!
How do you, we, know he has 'changed sides' ?

Possibly, he is simply joining ther serried ranks of Marxists, Leninists and, most appropriately STALINISTS, who are already cosily occupying posts within our government, and in a personal sense, 'coming out'.

I have just heard, on the wireless, this lumpen oaf blame the Army for the death of the RHA Captain - recently the subject of an Inquest.

I heard it with my own ears. ".... lack of Standard Operating Procedures...", "......... tactical errors......".

the cunt's on ch4 news now dodging whether or not he accpets that is was unacceptable or inexcusable that troops are under-equipped. Bob, your head should roll son, stand by!
commonwealthsoldier said:
And whatever you do, don't read the Feb 08 issue of DefenseFocus because Bob's in the magazine.
People read that shite? It's a load of self serving pap that leaks into the field army because the authors labour under the belief that it would be interested in reading it. Utter tosh.

As for the defence management journal... :x

And yes, Bob Ainsworth comes across as the slopy and chipped-shouldered petulant peasant that he no doubt is. When is the revolution coming?
trombone84 said:
the cunt's on ch4 news now dodging whether or not he accpets that is was unacceptable or inexcusable that troops are under-equipped. Bob, your head should roll son, stand by!
What a fcuking tosser - I am pretty sure he has lied as well. Just going to check if we are the second largest defence spenders.

Let's face it - you could punch him all day and never get tired.
PS to my last.

I've just heard on the Bliar, Brown, Corporation (BBC) the 'simple sailor', another 'goat', the mouthpiece for the appalling Brown, defending the government.

How can a man get to the top of one of Her Majesty's Services and then sling his hook with this foul bunch of cheats, thugs and spivs ?

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