Bob Ainsworth: Cometh the hour, cometh the Jobsworth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guardian3A, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Very funny but sadly true.

    Bob Ainsworth is one of those people who should never rise above deputy. I am told that people are snobby about him but I am just confused. Every time I see him — and it happened again yesterday — I cannot believe that he is the Defence Secretary. How did this man, stodgy as porridge, inspiring as a cabbage, get the top job? It feels wrong, as if he were taking part in a job-swap reality TV programme that has gone horribly wrong.....
  2. Funny really, they ask the Army for the impossible and don't even give them the equipment they need.

    Even the Kamikaze were given fully operational planes FFS
  3. [​IMG]

    THis has more intellectual capability and integrity than ainsworthless
  4. Guardian3A - sorry but you forgot a word in your apt and accurate description of the third-rate Ainsworth - inspiring as a BOILED cabbage

    It is not a 'snobbish' thing to highlight failings in performance, demeanour and an ability to lead - it is honesty in action and essential in governance.
  5. Because he is a Marxist Arrse likking piece of Shite
  6. google Keith Lard, one of peter kay's finest comedy creations. the resemblence to 'honest bob' is remarkable in more than one way....petty jobsworth, bad wig, interferes with dogs etc....

    i'msure somebody could upload a pic of Keith...sadly beyond my technical abilities!
  7. Isn't the new cabinet full of 'Yes Men' and gay lords that cannot be questioned in parliament these days? Which one is Bob Jobsworth?

  9. There is a good article in the Mail today from Quentin Letts (save the usual vindictive responses about my reading habits, I don't care!) :) describing bumbling Bob's first Commons statement yesterday.
    I can't do the linky thing, but some good quotes:

    "Defence Secretary Bob "B*llocks" Ainsworth is not a natural leader of men. He has a strangulated voice that sounds like an under-oiled Landrover gearbox. Then there is the comedy moustache - or is it a small rectangle of velcro?
    It was from under that smudge of a 'tache that he once shouted the word which has become his nickname. The same despairing oath was moaned throughout the Ministry of Defence recently when Bob got the top job. It is said there was no-one else available".

    Says it all, really. Quentin Letts also commented on the sheer lack of numbers in the commons for Defence questions - I know this has been raised on ARRSE before, but surely at this particularly difficult time, it is an absolute disgrace. :x
  10. "Says it all, really. Quentin Letts also commented on the sheer lack of numbers in the commons for Defence questions - I know this has been raised on ARRSE before, but surely at this particularly difficult time, it is an absolute disgrace."

    The sooner the lot of them are cleared out at the point of a bayonet the better. Ollie Cromwell had the right idea there the barstewards were just as bent in his day.
  11. The thing to remember is that Bob Anusworth is just the very chap for Defence, at least as for as Gord is concerned, in that he will do and say EXACTLY what Gordo tells him, wont make monetary waves in the Treasury, and will continue flanneling his way through his sinecure position untill Gordo puts him out to grass, which could be any time now, I hope.
  12. he's even a walt marxist :twisted:

    I'm sure Pira were over the moon the IRG supported them even if they heard :roll: . The only person who took the british left seriously was dear old reg from mi5. He does one day a week these days to keep the chart up to date of who is feuding with who for old times sake and because the service would look stupid if one of the countless revolutary parties did something.
    you mock but various nazi partys have had members nicked for playing with bombs. so its unlikley but not impossible :(

    real marxists love there miliarty :D
    any peoples marxist republic people may be half straving you can't find a divirsity cordinator for love or money. but there are shed loads of tanks aks for everyone and more hinds than you can shake a stick at. :twisted:
    but a british marxist is a workshy student politic type who'd die of shock if he had to talk to a member of the working classes let alone a member of the military.
  13. This government won't be gone before Christmas. El Gordo is under orders from his Eropean paymasters to hang in there no matter what until at least then. By that time the Lisbon treaty will be ratified and even if Cameron has the balls to fight it come next election and I don't think he does, he'll have the devils own job getting it rescinded.
  14. Brilliant! Its been needling me for ages who he reminds me of.

    I think we may have a new verb:

    Ainsworth " To bluff, bluster, fillibuster and obsfucate your way around a position in which you are very clearly out of your depth"

    i.e. "The Prime Minister ainsworthed his way around an awkard PMQ"

    "The Leader of the Lib Dems ainsworthed in trying to sit on the fence over his Defence Policy"

    "The Leader of the Opposition ainsworthed on the issue of raising the international aid budget to help fund India's space and nuclear programme, whilst not explaining how he would get more kit to the troops, without cancelling the Carriers"
  15. He reminds me of Ricky Tomlinson.
    At least we know who can play him the future BBC drama of the political ineptitude of this government & it's handling of the war.