BOB AINSWORTH - Andrew Marr Show on now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Coming up Bob Aisworth with Huw Edwards questioning - lets hear what the lying (sorry ) current SoS has to say.

    Apparantly will be blaming defeatist attitudes at home for the probs!
  2. Yet again he has proved that he is a total fcukwit and clearly not up to the job.

    Claiming that the recent stories about Ridgeback being kept in Dubai was party political misses the point. Claiming that additional airframe hours has cured the helicopter availability problems is just totally ludicrous.
  3. I missed the interview, anyone catch how many times he said 'elicopter and 'elmand providence? Only thing I watch him for, he is otherwise, a complete waste of space. Did he blame the defeatist Brits in their armchairs?
  4. Now come on, he wasn't that bad. I wish we had someone better, but we don't, and i'd rather him than many of the Labourites you see moving around because at least he's been there for a full two years - more than any other cabinet member, no?

    Plus, we all have to admit that the media are just as fcuking useless when it comes to reporting and often create complete non stories, and I for one have to say he did a fairly good job of dispelling some of the myths. He's obviously begun to pay attention to his briefings.

    Bob - he didn't argue those things those were just part of his point...

    To both - he argued for informed discussion as opposed to uninformed negative comments, which is a fair point no?

    Two final things - i'm not a Labour supporter, never have been, but I don't believe in simply attacking a man because of bias. Credit where its due.

    Also, was that woman who came on after him - Shilpa, was it? FIT or what?! Hell i'd support the invasion of iran if the women were all that attractive :D :p
  5. Yes he was.

    As has been the level of every SoS Defence sine Op HERRICK commenced. We should not excuse their ignorance based on the "best of a bad bunch" approach.
  6. OK - we know the strength of media reporting. Very many here have been there and know what they know. Base your opinion on the eye witnesses alone. Oh - and that includes the Capt in the WG Battle Group. I reckon it is safe to regard his input as kosher.
    Do that and see what we think of the performance of the Govt, the MOD, the Starry group et al.
  7. Yeoman, it was a dire interview, he does not accept that troops have been deployed ill equipped, he seems to be under the misapprehension that an increase in airframe hours equals more helicopters, and he seems to believe that its not possible to train the Ridgeback in theatre.

    Lets not forget what one of his predecessors said when deploying to Afghanistan in 2006, that there would probably not be a shot fired.......

    He did allude to the fact that the MOD have found it impossible to equip 2 theatres effectively, but shouldn't that have been thought of before adding a war in Afghanistan to the Iraq conflict?

    He is clearly a man not up to the job. He was a poor armed forces minister and it follows that he is not up to the task of Defence Secretary.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Of course he is the man for the job, how could you think otherwise? He was sent on there to say exactly what Mandlebum wanted him to say and he did it. Job done, tea and biccies with Mandlebum later :cry:
  9. As a loggie I particularly enjoyed his comment that he was unhappy with the supply chain. Perhaps he would like to explain what he is doing to sort this out, more air transport perhaps or improved capability for moving men and eqpt around the theatre. Some sort of helicopter would be nice...

    This was an awful interview; all of his responses were based on poorly disguised spin and attempts at political point scoring. The man, in common wth virtually all of his fellow MPs, is unfit to lead.
  10. He was on Sky as well, utterly unconvincing.

    Did he actually call anyone "defeatist"? If he did, then he deserves to be punched in the face.

    Shame he wasn't asked about CGS Briefing Team's Annual Report, covered in the Telegraph today, which is an official record of many of the criticisms shrugged off by this lying government.

    See ARRSE thread here.
  11. I think the man deserves a chance. He has not been in post long enough to have made a difference yet. I don't expect great things, but you never know.

    As an aside, the word "unpatriotic" seems to be getting bandied about quite a lot recently. I doubt it is a coincidence. Seems to be Labour doctrine to identify a problem, rename it and consider the problem solved. :x
  12. Sticky, he has been at MOD for 2 years, just how long do you need to make up your mind as to whether he is up to the job. This guy was useless as a junior minister, and is proving to be a disaster as defence secretary. He is entirely unsuited for this task.
  13. Ok ok i'll have to agree to disagree but the crux of my point is, who an you see in the current cabinet who IS up to the job? Who you would prefer? At least he's been there for two years, regardless of what you think of him he knows that job better than the rest of them.
  14. I'm not sure this is a good time to show him any such charity, Sticky.

    Ainsworth is hopelessly out of his depth and even he know it - remember his Telegraph interview when he admitted he was not as bright as the senior officers he was dealing with?

    He was Broon's third choice for SoS Defence - none of the brighter candidates would touch the brief with a barge pole.

    So we have possibly the most feeble SOSD ever, wheeled in front of the cameras to do as he is told and toe the party line. He has been briefed by No 10 and is sticking to his notes - he's only just back from his hols, ffs, so hasn't a clue what is going on. Any interviewer worth his salt would crucify him, rather than letting him off the hook.

    If he had any balls he would resign - tell the truth about Labour and the MOD and do his best to force an earlier election.

    On a slightly different note re: 'elicopters.

    I was told directly on Thursday by a Major in the US Special Forces who had been in Afg several times since 2001 doing sneaky stuff that the US had offered the British 20 Blackhawks, crewed and supported to use as they wished.

    The offer was turned down because it would make the government look as though it couldn't fund its own helicopter requirements.
  15. Snap - although it was through a different channel. Was told this over a beer in the USA three weeks back, when the debating was raging here. It certainly wasn't a nudge, nudge conversation and the speaker pretty much expressed it as common knowledge.