Boat Races

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. After a little bit of advice, my employer put in a team in a dragon boat race today and it was good laugh.

    I'm thinking I should try and organise a TA team next year (and beat the regular army teams that participated). How easy is it to get the cash to enter these events, who do I need to speak to?

    p.s. 4th Bn Yorkshire Regiment your stand sucked, you should have taken part

    p.p.s Entrance fee is 300 quid
  2. Entrance fee 300 quid? At £2 a pint that makes 150 taking part in the boat race! Good effort!
  3. Cheecky F@~k, just kidding, a couple of my muckers ran the stand and when i called them to laugh even they said it was bonk :lol:
  4. Hence the comment about taking part, the 3 service teams seemed to be really enjoying themselves (beers, BBQ, family day out and a little exercise).
  5. Where is this competition/drinking session?
  6. York Dragon Boat Races

    Most teams seem to just be doing it for fun, just turn up pitch gazebo, get the BBQ lit and the beers chilled.

    Seemed to attract many visitors from the right age range for recruiting (from the right area), get seen raising cash for charity, be seen having fun with the TA, etc ... just seemed to be a win win event ....

    Seemed very informal, on one side of the river you had regulars (and TA?) mixing with local firms having laugh, then on the other side of the river a TA Recruiting caravan that didn't seem to fit.
    If 4 Yorks had put in a team, lost the caravan but put its contents informally in their tent, it would have had a better result.