Boat race protester ordered to leave UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by plunderer, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Trenton Oldfield, Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Protester Ordered To Leave UK

    Odd, isn't it, that a Commonwealth citizen who has a bit of a flap around in the water while a bunch of elitists play Ratty & Co last year can be told to piss off back to OZ, but we can't get rid of a hook-handed promoter of terror and fomenter of religious and racial hatred who is still here after ten years of trying to get rid of him...

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  2. And your point is? If you've got a problem with Abu Hook Hand, then slot him yourself. Else shut up and piss off.

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    The one that was extradited to the United States?
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  5. But the Aussies won't bang Mr oldfield up soon as he lands, and do him on terrorism charges with the evidence they got when they pulled his mate Dave's fingernails out. Or will they.... hmmm...
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  6. From an article in March;
    No regrets, says Trenton Oldfield, man who ruined the boat race

    What exactly does/did he do to earn that visa?
  7. Man is a prat, has a silly name and is in serious need of a shave, however he has been here for ten years,and is married to an Englishwomen who is expecting his child. Seems a tad excessive.
  8. He should've been given the VC. I ****ing despise rowers - the swan-hating, duck-murdering bastards.
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  9. Easy target for the UKBA
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  10. Hamza is still in the US isn't he?
  11. abu hamza couldnt wreck the boat race he kept popping his water wings when putting them on....
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  12. I think a better example would be the Iraqi asylum seeker whom whilst banned from driving killed a little girl with his car. He has a right to family life' here seemingly. (yes I think that was the guy who also had a cat)
    I have zero problem with convicted criminals being deported as long as its done irrespective of colour,race,religion etc If you don't want the punishment don't commit the crime.
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  13. No, no it's not odd.

    Nor in fact the case.