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Boat Op Specs Course - Photos?

Has anyone got any decent pics through the years of the Boat Op Specs Course at Upnor Hard (CSB and Rigid Raider)... in particular from around 1988?
arctic, as nice as the phots are, i'm sure the lads in the top phot of the lric and the bottom one appreciate having their faces pasted all over the tinterweb
Just for one of the forum members, i have blacked out the faces on the ageing LRIC in photo 1.

The last photo is overseas and they are yank seals anyway.

Mate these photos are 13 years old, if you can make their faces out you have amazing vision. If you can make me out i will put harry maskers on my eyebrows as well.
Yeh, err, thanks ASS...

Back on the subject... RE Boat Op Specs Course, Anyone?

The night Exercises used to be quite comical as we used to drop off frogmen trying to make out they belonged to 'them', we would drop them off and pick them up mid Medway an hour or two later...

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