Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hurrahfortheRE, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Apart from 23 Amph and Cyprus are there any other boat op postings?

    Before I'm flooded with 25 Boat Section, it'll be shut by December.
  2. You could go to the RSME as an instructor (depending on rank of course). I don't know of any others off hand though other than what you've suggested.
  3. Nah I've heard bad thing about being and instructor there!
  4. There are some long hours to put in but it's suposed to be ok. My old troop staffy is the Q man there and he loves it. Says it's an awesome job for his last couple of years service. Another mate is there as a full screw instructor and he likes it. I supose it's all down to who you are working with and who your boss is. If you are working with a great bunch of blokes with a decent boss you put up with the carp and make the most of it.
  5. I agree if it's still "freaky" there as Q and I know most of the staff there but I have heard bad things about the "higher" end of the scale.
  6. I did my craft op cse in 91 and went back in 96 to do a Raider cse after getting dicked to go downs south with 51 and one of the lads who was on my original cse , was there as the cse Sgt , looked at me and said why are you f**k are you here, made me chuckle , still went as a B2 Spr , and was told to pretend to be a lance jack ,cse they wouldn't make me up as I'd signed off ,still enjoyed it even the bit at Pool with the Booty's, there was duty rumor that a Sqn of boat ops was going to be formed , take it that didn't happen
  7. Freaky is a great boss, without a shadow of a doubt the best troop staffy I've served under. Does seem strange that a tankie is Q Boats though! I don't know the AI so I wouldn't like to comment on the higher end of the scale.
  8. Ref: Boat Op postings, There is a Boat Tp at 25 Engr Regt, N.I....
    From what I saw over the 2 1/2 years I spent there, they didn't do much except swan about the camp in civvies or mess about on the loch...
    Only kidding if any of the guys are reading!?!?!!
    They did seam to have an easy life though...
  9. HOW DARE YOU hardest worked section in our beloved Corp :wink: :wink: , was the in 92 and they even sent us to the dry Fort George for two weeks at a time ,and just think of the amount of civvies we wore out :D :D :D :D
  10. did 2 weeks at Fort George on the raiders when 33 lost their independance, best bit of my tour even though the camp was "dry" (yeah....whatever!)....great laugh cabbing up and down the Foyle dropping off patrols and taking strange men with long hair wearing dry bags up as far as the border.... but only that far mind, any further would of been very naughty indeed :)

    big craig C used to work on the boats up there, and then was in my brothers troop in 5 Field.
  11. I don't know whether it is still going but there is a boat troop in Iraq...
  12. "WE" do a lot less than that these days, just getting the boats ready to be backloaded. Oh yeah and I did have a swan around the loch today :D :D :D :D

    Hard times are these
  13. Craig C was a lance jack when I was in boat section with him , having beach parties in the boat shed , also remember him and P*t* Ch**n*(spl) building a section bar there as well :D :D
  14. what about s* a***l, any of you boat ops know him OR j****y d**ps**r ????
  15. S* has finished his 22 but still kicking around antrim. Saying that not seen him in the Monty for a while.