You'll go far, RE.

Do I detect a slight getting bent out of shape and youre not even in the Corps yet? :D You must be to have brought the subject up.

Corps RSM in the making, mark my words... :wink:
well whilst we are on about boasting, i was a top POM for 16 odd years, the only corps the only trade, we one more VC's (despite what the cowardly custard dropshorts say), we lead the way in most combat situations and I have a 9 and a half inch penis

( most of the above is true, except that I wasnt a POM for 16 years)
Who the Devil62 let him in? To the world that is!

Read the link and cant help but feel the same as below. Nothing wrong with being proud of what you do...but boasting? You save that for when your in the bar....about what you shagged last or how many beers you drank before you shagged it!

RoyalEngineers said:

Whoah. All i've heard is that you offer a trade, and say that the corps is a good one to join.. never personally heard boasting :?
Exactly. Boasting about the fact that you.. build bridges wheareas corp [x] drives lorries? Just aint gonna happen is it.. even though the RE are clearly a very proud regiment.. and so they should be considering their operational effectiveness and what they've done..
Nah.. well..

..basically if I see the good sides in a Corps/ Regiment, with my evaluative mind I can assess whether or not I want to join it, so i'll argue my point.

Sometimes I get a guy in the Infantry trying to persuade me with the whole "There's nothing like looking into the whites of someones eyes as you drive a bayonet into their chest"

Yeah. When was the last bayonet rush again? :p

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