Boarding Schools & Tories be Buggered!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Way back in history (the 50's) there used to be a boarding school system of education for secondary pupils in BAOR.

    I was incarcerated in Windsor School - Hamm.

    I recall a housemaster who flogged us regularly - (I can't say he enjoyed it as the concept at that time was beyond me) - his name is with-held for obvious reasons. It was Mr. F*****s!

    We had a matron who I am convinced was an ex-wardress who conjured up a cv which neglected to mention she had run Belsen. Frau P*****d was her name. 'Sehr' strict was her game.

    So on this threadbare evidence, plus a sorely flogged bum, I offer a reason as to why the present Tory party is as it is........Sorry Boris.

    ps: As the guy in the bar said in Four Weddings and a Funeral, " I was buggered senseless but by God it taught me a thing or two!"
  2. You didn't say if you enjoyed it? :twisted:

    Was Matron in a highly starched uniform :?: :D
  3. By your reckoning a number of the latest Liebour tw*ts have to be discounted and not just the Tory guys and gals.

    Frankly, as almost all kids have NO choice where they are schooled, I think the inverted snobbery about Old Etonians is a total yawn and turn-off. No I didn't go to Eton - wish I had though!
  4. Seconded. Just because someone goes to a good school doesn't mean they didn't have to work bloody hard.