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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bratch, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. The lack of support and info from UAO led me here......

    In an M/U soldier in NI at the moment, i am considering sendng my daugter of 13 to a private school..........what, if any, help can i get finacialy from my unit towards this consdideration can i get? Any help wold be greatly recived.

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    up to 90% of the term have to come up with the 10% but watch out for the terms and conditions of the contract you sign with the school. Many of the have 'out weekends', this is when the child has to go home for that weekend (about once a month). If you are in NI and your child goes to UK you had better watch out for this. Some of the better schools will take and place your child on an aircraft, handing him/her over to the flight crew for the trip.

    Hope that is OK.

    I sent mine to boarding school for a year, worst year ever. She is now back at home.

  3. Don't forget however thar the two keystones of CEA (Continuity of Education Allowance) are; accompanied service and continuity. In other words your spouse/partner will have to move to be with you and once the child starts at school A the he she will need to remain at the same school until a change of education stage.

    Check with your RAO for the list of allowable schools and phone SCE for advice.
  4. Other things to take into account on the finacial front:

    Uniform can be very expensive depending on which school you opt for
    Sports kit - not the everyday stuff - hockey, lacrosse, tennis - only limited by your child's imagination
    Extra lessons - sports, music, dance, the list is endless
    School trips - days out, theatre, adventurous expeds, another endless list

    Don't forget, it's very difficult to say no to anything the school is organising.

    Mine cost me an absolute fortune for the time they were there but daughter was the most expensive by far. I reckon I could have bought a small house with what I spent on their education.
  5. Thanks for the help, ill go stamp my feet in the admin office for more info......
    i appreciate the input ill put it to good use before decisions are made.

    cheers bratch