boarding school allowance


ok, being lazy here....but....

Does anybody know what the current BSA (CEA) rate is?

At what age can the mini-boggies take advantage of it?

The rates are available thro' Armynet, Serving Soldier, Money Matters. You need to take advice from SCE (they have a web site) about suitable schools for your rug rat.

The current rates (FY06/07) for CEA are as follows:

Senior (Boarding) £4,872 per term
Junior (Boarding) £3,695 per term

but you probably know these by now.

My understanding is that the youngest you can send your children is the school year in which they are 8.

I am in the RAF, but my main purpose in writing is to WARN those of you in the Army who currently use this allowance that your rules seem to be different to those applied by the RAF (and RN), and that changes will be forced on you (at significant cost!) by the bolleaux that is JPA!

I have 3 boys in boarding school (their choice!). Two are at a Junior/Middle School (catering for children aged 5-13), whilst the oldest is at a senior school (14-18). JPA considers that children become eligible for Senior allowance when they reach Year 7 or enter the phase of education in which they will take GCSEs, whichever is the later. This means that my middle son (13) continues to receive the Junior rate, until next year when he moves 5 miles to the senior school. This is a difference of £1,282 per term, and, desite my arguments that this particular school has higher fees BECAUSE it is a middle school, the admin staffs will have none of it! They refuse to acknowledge the existence of 'Middle Schools'!

Still with me? ARMY children in the same year as my middle son currently receive the HIGHER rate of £4,872 per term, and I am guessing that their parents will have budgeted to continue doing so. However, because the school does not increase its fees at Year 7, the JPA will reduce the current payments by £3,546 per year when it is brought in. How many people can swallow this change? It is going to be a shock for anyone caught in this trap.

As for Boarding School, it's not for everyone, and you always pay at least 10% of the fees and other charges yourself. It will also depend on the child, so don't make the decision too early. Look around, negotiate the best rates (almost all schools offer a Services discount or bursary - some of more than 10%!), especially for multiple children.

Good Luck


I will keep the old eyes on this....only problem I have is once claims have been submitted is that the allowance never arrives in time and like yourself I have 3 sons, 2 in Junior 1 in senior.....and it was the boy's choice to go.......honest.
After some teething troubles (see PPRUNE!), JPA has already paid me for the Spring Term. It takes a bit of setting up and you still have to present yourself to the desk jockeys with your receipted bills (and declare that you are accompanied etc), but this time it has worked OK and I received the £12,262 last week.

In the early days, BSA/CEA on JPA was a complete nightmare, and I don't know anyone at my Unit who didn't have a problem with their claim.

What you have to watch out for is that the electronic form you fill-in on JPA says there is a 'ceiling' for your claim, and I made the mistake of assuming this was the maximum I could put. I quickly realised that what I needed to do was 'claim' for the full amount (about 115% of the BSA), then I would get paid the full 'ceiling' amount. If you just insert the ceiling, it only pays you 90%.

One other thing I didn't realise was that, with boys at different schools, I am entitled to claim for separate school children's visits for each school, even though they are only a few miles apart. I am owed over a year's worth of claims for this, which should be about £300! I have actually done plenty of journies, so it's not an issue from a legal perspective, it's just a case of working out what I have already claimed for and what the other dates were of the visits.