Boarding school allowance eligibility

Been in receipt of CEA for nearly 5 years now. Renewed my eligibility certificate two months ago so that my daughter could move to her new senior school which was all approved OK. Then I was appointed to a new squadron so I applied for a new certificate as needed by the rules, came back from my manning authority as I am unlikely to move more than 50 miles from my current place of work over next 4 years. I only moved my family to this location to stay in receipt of BSA in August last year and this is my first change of appointment with this same address. My boss says that 3 of the probable 5 jobs for my next appointment in two to three years, will take me away from the area I am in at the moment so I am likely to move in the next 4 years!! Anybody got any ideas where I go from here? Gotta have the JPA claim sorted by end of the week, not gonna happen!
Call up CEAS at Upavon. Very helpful and very honest too.
Good luck!
To contact CEAS:

Children's Education Advisory Service
Building 190, Trenchard Lines
Upavon, Pewsey

01980 618244 (civilian)
(9)4344 8244 (military)

01980 618245 (civilian)
(9)4344 8245 (military)

Email: CEAS Enquiries
It seems to me that you should be OK. Whilst CEAS may help, they will say that without the nod from your manning desk, you have a problem. However if what you say is correct regarding your next posting, then I see no idea why your manning desk should say otherwise. Remember, it is whether you have a liability to serve over 50 miles away; whether you actually do or don't does not really matter at this point.

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