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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Runningman601, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Anyone got a handle on how big the boards will be taking the new rules into account?
  2. It doesn't matter, they'll probably promote the token amount of say 4 or 5, give the rest to techs and IS and **** the rest. If you're not 18 don't hold your breath
  3. Thanks for the grown up reply
  4. I agree with your post! Runningman probably has not seen the board trends over the last 20 years to have made such a post.
  5. Actually fella I've been part of the corps since 1991, the reason for the question was one posed in the office and was rather interested to see what everyone thought the answer would be, with so many flyers now not presenting!
  6. Techs and IS (or whatever our combined trade is called this week) are screwed if they're not 18 too these days! (they are on the Full Screw to Sergeant anyway, dunno about the others).
  7. Just to clarify the question was about numbers now going to boards not the number coming off
  8. What are the new rules anyway? I've not heard anything about it.
  9. At this unit they have just sat a Cpl grading board to weed out all that will NOT be recommended, thus not go to sit the board. An email came out from APC before Christmas saying that the writing of AR's MUST be much stronger/honest and not to give people false hope. So...The board's on a whole should be lighter this year, and slightly earlier due to AFRS preparation. ......Corps since 1990, FELLA!
  10. Well I probably have as nearly as many grey hairs as you then. Thanks for the reply though still think after years of flooded board contender's it will be Interesting to see how the numbers fair. Take it easy.......Fella!
  11. I agree with the posts above. The boards are going to generally small untill the cock-up that is VENG sorts its self out. Coupled with the fact that if you are not 18, you need to run not walk on water.........
  12. Grey hairs..Oh I only wish.........Bald as a golf ball buddy!

    Yes, board results should be very interesting. I wonder if they push to get people made up SO experience is not lost via vol redundancys? Interesting point I think??
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    I was always told they were to be level with the ear hole unless RM or RN, in which case they should be level with the bottom of the ear lobe.

    Obviously SF are required to grow them as long as possible gaining extra brownie points if they are shaped like pork chops or if they join to a moustache.
  14. Only works on paper unfortunately. Reports will still only be written by under-qualified junior officers who'll write good reports for the people that whine around them the most.
  15. To be fair papagolf, I disagree. If this were the case the SNCO's need to get a grip. Cpl's don't (generally) don't or shouldn't be whinging to the OC. They should be coming to you and reacting before you say it, thats why they should be in the Mess. Just my POV.