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Stolen items

The sale of stolen property is strictly forbidden on ARRSE, and violates UK, and international law. ARRSE strongly supports law enforcement efforts to recover stolen property, and urges the prosecution of those responsible for knowingly attempting to sell such items on ARRSE. Stolen property includes items taken from private individuals, as well as property taken without authorisation from companies or governments.

If you see an item on this board that you believe is stolen, your best course is to contact the Police immediately and either the admins or the board moderators. Please inform the police officer handling the case that ARRSE will be pleased to cooperate in the investigation, and ask the officer to contact ARRSE at If you see an item you believe is questionable please contact the board moderators or the admins.

Football tickets

The resale of tickets for football matches is highly regulated in England and Wales for a number of reasons, including security at sports events. Criminal law often prohibits the resale of such football tickets. For these reasons, tickets to professional matches occurring in England and Wales or involving English or Welsh teams playing outside England or Wales are prohibited.


ARRSE is a UK based website and as such no firearm can be listed on this board. Firearms include all component parts of a firearm, sporting, collectible, curio & relic, signalling pistols, and antique firearms, regardless of their capability to fire a shot. Any item that is designed to discharge any shot, bullet or other missile is covered by this ban, regardless of that item's present ability to fire. Replica or imitation firearms are also prohibited. Weapons which discharge noxious substances, liquids or gas, including tear gas or pepper spray dispensers, are also prohibited in the UK and on ARRSE.


Switchblade knives are not permitted. These are any knife with a blade which can be released automatically or by the use of a trigger. Other names for switchblades include but are not limited to spring-blade knife, flick knife, snap-blade knife, gravity knife, and butterfly knife.

Knives disguised to look like a harmless item are not permitted. These items include but are not limited to belt buckle knives, lipstick case knives, air gauge knives, hidden knives in shoes or, walking sticks, and writing pen knives.

Push daggers are not permitted. These are knives with a handle that fits within a clenched fist and the blade of which protrudes from between two fingers.

Any stealth knife is not permitted. This is any knife or spike which has a blade, or sharp point, made from a material that is not readily detectable by metal detectors and which is not designed for domestic use or for use in the processing, preparation or consumption of food.


Please note the board is used for obtaining information, selling khosha items and buying gear you maybe after. Please be aware people sell stuff that maybe a bit moody so behave accordingly.

Dont go sending £1000 cash to America for a great laptop, cos you might not get it! Hey, its happened! Be aware of who you give your email and other details, use the PM system on this site as it works well.

Keep to the subject, this is not the NAAFI - please do not cry when we remove posts which are in no way relevant to the Classified Ads board.

Remember we will be watching! Oh and the usual security and OPSEC applies!

Ventress and ManchesterCop
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