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Ok, kids. After a little thought and some badgering from a few other users, and in a blatent rip-off of the recruiting sub-forum on the TA board, here is a recruiting sub-forum for the regular army recruits.

So now you have no excuses for cluttering up the Juniors Board.

Moderation rules:

1. No names, or personal details.

2. Do not take things to heart as everyone has an opinion

3. The Moderator's word is final. But we're open to intelligent arguments/discussions if relevant to the subject matter.

Do not create or post dullardly or trollish drivel on this board or stupid one/two word posts. It will be deleted instantly. There are plenty of other places to flame/annoy/insult others.

Moderation policy will be entirely arbitrary and based on prejudice and bad temper. Any withdrawn messages; authors will be informed by private message of the reason, if I have the time and can be bothered, that is!!

any questions, just ask/PM me and I'll do my best...



To add to what Dirt_Diver has indicated: the purpose of this board is to give helpful advice to individuals who are thinking about, or going through the process of, joining up. It is not a place where anyone should be ripping into them, however naive or silly their questions may seem at first.

Consequently, you can leave wahs, p1ss-takes and wind-ups at the door. If you don't have a positive contribution to make, don't bother to make one.


Here's another rule to think about for the 'Joining Up (Regular)' forum:

Think very hard about offering advice on this forum if you are not currently serving in the regular army, or have never served in the regular army. Being an enthusiastic member of the ACF doesn't count, neither does having a mate who once thought about joining the TA. If you don't feature in one of the two categories mentioned above, expect to have any posts binned without prior warning if you are giving duff advice.
Top tip before you start new a thread. The most common topics have been made 'stickies'. This means that they are always there to be seen on the front page of the forum and won't disappear as new threads are created. Check this first BEFORE you post a new thread as you may well find the answer you need and if not, Subject Matter Experts may already be monitoring that particular area.

Continually moving posts into the appropriate forum is time-consuming and frankly, extremely dull so do the moderators a favour and heed the above advice. Failing that, any threads started on a topic that are already in the Sticky list will be simply deleted.



It has come to the attention of the moderators that some new users and potential recruits have received private messages (PMs) with offers of help, advice, contact phone numbers and so on. If you do receive any such PM, you are strongly advised not to respond, and to report it to the forum moderators as soon as possible.


How to stay safe

Potential Recruits

1. Maintain your personal security, pick a username based around a nickname, anything but your real name. If you dont have an anonymous email then click the option to hide it in account settings. Never broadcast your email address in a post.

2. MSN, Facebook and other social tools. By all mean use the site personal messaging to pass on or find out details to join a group of guys on your intake, however remember you are giving away your personal identity so make sure you have a good idea who it is. Have alook at the users posts, do they add up? Have they given different dates to different training camps etc, did they give a date at all? How do they interact in this forum? Do they fit in or annoy others, get a feel before giving away your details.

3. Behaviour. Gob off as much as you want but it is pretty easy to pick out snippets of info from your posts and pretty soon a recruiter or phase 1 trg staff will know who you are. Remember also that the person your flaming could well be on your intake, now how embarrasing is that going to be :oops:

3. Offline advice. Keep your questions on the forums as it is a good safety net to stop duff advice coming your way. Dont worry if someone talks garbage as the mighty Arrse users will be all over them like vinegar on chips. Should it be a bit more personal or you feel embarressed then think before you send (it is probably best you speak to your recruiter or your phase 1 staff instead).

Do not PM for MSN or phone numbers from others for any kind of advice that could be covered from your recruiter or phase 1 staff. As cpunk states before if someone attempts to take things offline via MSN or telephone then flag them up.

Recruiters and Phase1/2 staff

1. Great you've found us. By all means get involved at whatever level you are comfortable with. No one expects you to answer every question (hey its a forum) so no personal crusades to make sure everyone buys the right socks and your refreshing the page every 30 seconds.

2. Look after yourself. Dont forget the chain of command will be looking in so dont take your work from the office onto here, advice and quick hints and tips are great. Dont get yourself bogged down with personal cases (refer them back to their recruiter). Just be careful of saying where you work or you could get an inbox with 100 requests for "how many coat hangers do I need" 8O

Got a drama then let the forum mods know.

Enjoy the forum
Not open for further replies.
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