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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. When are the results to the LCpl - Cpl board out? I'm stuck in a far away office and crossing my fingers for a few mates, hoping to ring and give congrats. Cheers guys!
  2. try see if its on armynet
  3. It is published on 4 Aug, but it never seems to contain Int Corps promotions anyway, just the scaley backs. Perhaps NTTT can solve this?
  4. You've made the foolish assumption that NTT ever looks on here.
  5. Hello FNUSNU, I understand that the results for the LCPL - CPL board are due to be released on the morning of Friday 3 Aug 07. A colleague informed me recently that there were nearly 130 candidates for this years board and that once again there was far too much over grading and far too many AY grades which may sadly dilute the emphasis.
  6. Cheers Tochka. No surprises there then, I wonder what this years flavour will be? Transferees, siginters, a thankyou to those finnishing up in NI? Or am I just being cynical? The overgrading does need sorting out though, too many people trying to make themselves and units look better by writing up their troops 'imaginatively' or so I believe anyway. I'd rather have my CR done by the book, at least that way I know where I stand. Hopefully there will be a good mix and I'll be able to recognise a few of my collegues names, I know they're waiting with baited breath. Just hope I can get the list easily in thetre, still not seen the Cpl-Sgt board results yet.
  7. well, that's easy.

    everyone who was a full screw is now a sergeant. ;)
  8. Ignore that mong, Friday is the 4th... were you too busy noshing him off or something to notice that someone had already given you the answer?

    Oh FFS... :roll:
  9. Bad intelligence, very bad intelligence, g2_loony_bin I think you'll find that Friday is the 3 Aug 07.
  10. Not in Iraq it ain't... :p
  11. They are all on ArmyNet and Intranet - Sgt-SSgt, Cpl-Sgt and LCpl-Cpl. MS publish a combined Army-wide promotion list.