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Why is it that we do not publish the results of the boards on ArmyNet like our sisters in the Sigs, and other Corps/Regts?

Surely it would be a case of saying 'just whack these on when you're doing the sigs one please mucker'.

Please don't say it's for OPSEC/COMSEC/PERSEC reasons (Leading by example and all that????) A name and last 4 just for the nosy amongst us surely isn't going to have the Taliban knocking at the door!


perhaps this is one for NTTT to have a look at.

It is not just board results but other information that could be of use such as V ENG etc could be placed on there. Obviously there is a classification issue with certain documents. I for one do not have access to Intranet.

I get more info about what is happening in the Corps from this site than from anywhere else, including my current unit. At least the banter is better on here.

In my opinion ARMYNET does have its uses but quite clearly the Corps doesn't think so.

Anyone else want to see more/any INT CORPS related info on Armynet?
I get more than enough info about Corps Day, other events and career stuff from the plethora of bulletins, not to mention 'Cognitio', which pass blizzard like across my desk on a regular basis.



You must be on the same distribution list as myself!! Since changing berets we can't use the old adage 'signals and we can't even talk to one another'.

We will have to make up a phrase for the Int Corps.

Intelligence - knowledge is power, sharing it is weak.
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
Perevodchik said:
Did anyone else spot the cutting irony, cynicism even, in that last post?

i just hear white noise when i read your......... zzzzzzzz

You retard! That's the noise of both of your brain cells agitating themselves into a position to provide some form of cognitive reasoning to your googly eyes.


Not bad CRCR,

The thread is only just into double figures and you manage to get it back to lightside/darkside heckling.

Do you crave the attention? A wanabee darksider in disguise.

Perevodchik destroy him!!
Perevodchik said:
Oh! My dear Oscar!

Wish I'd thought of that.....

You will Perevodchik, you will.
The board results aren't even on the Intranet, which is very gay and there is absolutely no good reason for. I know many, including myself (and noticeably slightly_nasty), had issues with putting stuff on the net (which, unfortunately, includes ArmyNET) but there is no reasonable excuse for not putting it on the RLI.


i would just like to say that for me personally, for obvious reasons, i have no PERSEC quibbles with the promotion board results being posted on the intranet, internet, WWW, al qaeda website or anywhere :)

safe as houses :)

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