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Discussion in 'REME' started by kerryla, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. anyone seen the full screw board results yet??
  2. Keep checking ArmyNet....should be on there on Monday, if they are not all on summer leave......
  3. is about right for are mcm div, rlc have publised there board results.
    are's will be in someone's in tray, in a lock office which now can get into because that person is on hoilday.
    that is to say if anyone up there cairred about looking.
  4. sparkysrevenge, given your grasp of written English, would you be able to understand the list when it does eventually appear?? Oh for a spellchecker!

    Give the folks in Glasgow a break - only the RLC & AAC have got their list published as yet. It could just be that the civvies in their IT Section running the inputs to website have not input the lists. I would guess the MCM Divs have done their bit as usually all are published within a few hours of each other on a Friday. As most have not appeared yet, that's got to be the only viable explanation for an almost complete no show as yet.

    As someone who regularly comminicates with those in Glasgow I can confirm that they do not block leave, unlike many units. All units, Div ES branches and BEMEs should have received the promotion signal last week. Ask your boss if he will let you have a look at the list on Monday - or are you on block leave!
  5. I think you are spot on with that one mate...... If you ask me i think okimato was the one that lost the office key. He seems to be very defensive towards those guys in Glasgow who always seem to be on a 'GO SLOW'

    Its funny how many backstabbing hypocrites there are in the REME, the regiment would be much nicer if people like OKIMATO would get off their high horse instead of slating peoples English grammar! you would be his best friend if you were fixing his vehicle electrics!

    'Quid pro quo' springs to mind here!

    Oh Yeah, "Does any one know the board results yet"? :D
  6. thanx for the support man as for okimato some of us are on leave for a reason, bit bizy with tours and trying to put up with the bull....? u officer's come up with, because u have to be an officer.
    as for my grammar i don't give a sh....? what u think, some of use try to overcome are problems and become better people.
    unlike u how has got he's head stuck were the sun doe's not shine.
    as for the board it may come out monday but as my point was if someone really cared about are carrer's at mcm div they would have checked that it would have gone out.
    some of us out here have the internet and like to now how are dead jobs are getting on?
  7. As for every REME Soldier promotion board, the results were sent by signal to every unit with a soldier selected for promotion and to the ES chain of command on Wed (2 days before the release date). They were also sent by email one hour later to the ES/MS chain of command (to pre-confirmed email addresses) for onwards transmission to Bdes and units. They were also been sent to Armynet for publication on Thu (1 day before the release date).

    It seems that some problems may have arisen due to the signal sitting on the desk of units/personnel on leave and the email sitting in the inbox of personnel on leave. In addition, it seems COMCENs have denied receipt of the signal.

    The publication dates of the promotion board have been published for the last 12 months.

    Suggestions for improving the system from anyone with constructive ideas...???
  8. Apologies if I've caused offence here to anyone (honestly)......but the point here is that the original poster is chucking mud around without knowing the facts, making allegations without proof. If I were one of those in Glasgow who I hope were trying their best to give a service on acivil servant's pay (£11-14K a year before tax) such a post would be utterly demotivating.

    Putting the promotion results on Army Net is a great step forward. However the official results by email and signal have been out for a while as Combat Smurf notes. If you are going to beat anyone up about not seeing the list should be your unit or their chain of command.

    For the record I am neither an officer or a backstabber and have recently returned from TELIC. If I come across as holier than thou its down to the frustration of fingers being pointed without proof.

    Is there is evidence of any hypocrisy that I seem to be accused of?

    Have I said anything negative about anyone where there is clearly no evidence?

    I must say I got a couple of good bites though!!
  9. I see that there still not on the web!
  10. Hey what a supprise! ........ Still no results published. OKIMATO fancy giving your buddies up there in Glasgow a ring and tell them to pull their finger out?
  11. Oh dear! Harsh but fair comments

    I had not realised - Monday was never going to work - its a bank holiday in Scotland. Hopefully tomorrow (Tue) or ask your unit to show you the list
  12. It is a bank holiday but MCM was manned and operational today.
    It is noticeable that we are still not alone in failing to publish results to Armynet today. It is perhaps this issue, which needs further staff work. In this era of global comms on demand it should be feasible to publish to a restricted Internet site at 0900Z on a given date. The List has been public since Friday but it seems only to a privileged few.
  13. At the risk of repeating myself...

    It was not a bank holiday in Scotland today, REME MCM Div was manned and block leave is not taken against within the Army Personnel Centre.

    Anybody who has not been told the results of the promotion board (if they were considered at it) should contact their unit chain of command for the results. All units have them or have access to them through the ES chain as long as suitable arrangements have been made to cater for absence of personnel due to leave. The publication on Armynet is being chased - in this "era of global comms" there remain hurdles to overcome and wrinkles to iron out in the system.

    As an aside, promotion lists cannot be published on Armynet at 0900Z on the release date as COs wish to inform their soldiers rather than have them use a website to find out if they have been selected.
  14. CombatSmurf

    At the risk of making you repeat yourself again!!!

    Notwithstanding the problems you describe as extant with Armynet. Uploading the information in question shortly after the release date may go some way at least, towards providing an all informed net, thus minimising the number of soldiers finding out that they have or haven't been promoted via text from their mates. Perhaps more importantly, this would encourage COs to recognise the importance of facilitating a system to ensure effective and timely passage of information.

    In short, we need to move away from the knowledge is power syndrome.
  15. Maybe this should be in the lamp and sandbag but I remember one of my mates back on course in Bordon from Germany finding out he'd been promoted by reading it in the back pages of the 'Craftsman' 8O (and how out of date is THAT!)

    So, at least we've improved! :wink: