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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. The SSgt - WO2 board released yesterday revealed only 12 names (10 OPMI, 2 MIL - and congratulations to you all). However, as Eye_Spy commented to me, that's a pretty small number. That's almost a 1 for 1 replacement for those that promoted to WO1. IIRC previous boards have averaged around the 20 mark.

    Now either there's going to be a few more off the reserve list / shadow board / call it what you will, or there are changes afoot already on the manning side at the top end.

    Anyone in a position to comment or does anyone else have a theory?
  2. not in any position to know, but it just seems like an obvious way to start thinning out the number of WO2s...

    congrats to everyone who came off the board anyway - good to see 'the gay icon' get it! :grin:
  3. We were lucky to get 2 linguists on the list; there had been some suggestion that there wouldn't be any SSgt-WO2 promotions this year, based on what happened with last year's board.
  4. At the moment the Corps has more WO2 liabilities than SSgt! There are moves afoot in the puzzle palace to address this and convert a number of WO2 slots to SSgts in order to make promotion to that rank more competitive. Apparently an upshot is that SSgts will be on the high band. This may be the driver for the small board but I've not heard anything official.
  5. I'm not the only one to think that this is a knock on effects of VENG. With the economy still being in the state that it is, more WO1's and WO2's will take advantage of VENG and stay in longer.

    Another story/rumour that I've heard is that there will be about 20 WO2 posts dis-established this year, so they simply don't need to promote as many this time round. Not sure how much truth there is in that or not.
  6. The interesting one now will be the Sgt-SSgt board (that's when? Apr?).
  7. Feet up, bottle open, chuckles to himself.
  8. Oh that WO1s got VEng!! After all why would you keep WOs in who have strived to get to the top when you could keep in , oh nevermind. Well done to the slim numbers that came off what was a very competitive board.
  9. After the recent shenanigans with those on the LSL, this and the small board has got me musing. As the current focus of the Army (and thus the Corps) for the next 4 years is Afghanistan, perhaps this represents an opportunity for those in charge to consider. How about considering all those Corps personnel that are undeployable to Afghanistan are given the PAP treatment and given their brown envelopes? Some would say harsh, but those expecting promotion this year wouldn't/won't.........

    To be honest, I don't believe for 1 second the Corps will have the balls to get rid of the professional tour dodgers, as a capbadge we are not immune or different from the rest of the Army. Still, you never know............
  10. on a tangential note, i would hazard a guess that where SDSR redundancies are targeted largely depends on whether the priority is:

    a) save the MOD as much money as possible in the medium-long term.

    b) minimise operational impact by getting rid of MND individuals (although there is an alternative vehicle for that).


    c) meeting the imposed and necessary reductions with as little pain as possible to the individuals.

    one would like to think c) is a major consideration, but the cynic in me thinks that priorities will be a) - those redundancies which would save the MOD the most money. whether that dovetails with b) is above my paygrade.
  11. Talking of Boards, the Pink list for promotion to Lt Col came out today (see Armynet) and I was pleased to see my former troop Comd (9 Sigs 1997) come off-well done to the lady with the first name starting with F.

    Regarding CR's points above, particularly 'b'. The minimum standard for employment of officers is MND as they can always be employed in a non depolyed staff role. There may some NCO roles that that also applies to - but in general MLD will be the minimum for support roles and presumably higher for combat roles.
  12. There was one name on that list that's got people laughing today............
  13. I've just had a look at the list on Armynet and I can see why. I've had dealings with the officer in question in the past and never thought that this particular individual would make it beyond Major.