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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stackerhacker, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Has anybody seen the Board?
  2. It's on ArmyNet.
  3. Am I having a mong moment ? ? ?

    Just been on and they are not on there
  4. are they on armynet yet?
  5. Lads,
    I had the same problem - they are under:

    Centralised Soldier Promotion Board Results - rather than 'Corps' lists.
  6. Not very good only 2 telemechs came off the board bit crap really.

  7. Thanks
  8. As usual, well done to all those selected - look forward to the mess. :D

    Does anyone know when the SET results are out, and why they are not included in the initial list anymore?

  9. What a surprise - The Combat trades have been bent over and shafted again!! When will they realise that we are the backbone of the Royal Corps.
  10. Out next Friday.

    Seperate board sperate results
  12. They will be published on Weds 6th June.
  13. Combat trades? Surely our trade groupings are as follows:
    That's according to the Corps' own webpage I don't think we have combat trades anymore. Which ones do you think got shafted?

    Regarding the "backbone" of the Corps, that's an interesting supposition. I'm pretty sure the CS Ops would argue that they are the backbone of the Corps, as CS Op is the most mainstream of all the CEQs. I would probably tend to agree with the logic.
  14. A fair point well presented PD. I think there have been enough posts on here over the last few months/years where the same old boring trade bashing goes on! Lets not turn this post into one!
  15. Apologies PD by Combat trades i meant the Communications Logistics Group and the Electrician Group.

    and yes we are the backbone of the Corps because without us the " most mainstream of all the CEQs" the CS Ops could not operate.