Board Results - Confusing or what?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by demosthenes, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. OK, so the Sgt->SSgt board results are out, anyone surprised by them?

    Congrats to I, V, J, G and J (+ anyone else I know but didn't recoginse...)

    IS Engr... at least 3 promoted who can't wear until they complete their Supvr IS course... (or we'll be facing another pay scandal) and at least 2 or 3 promoted who didn't qualify for Supvr IS... go figure...

    Now before anyone chimes in, I know that IS Engrs are practitioners and Supvr IS is a manager so someone ready for Staffy may not be ready for Supvr IS, but there were definitely some strange decisions on that one...

    It also seems that 18 faired surprisingly well (playing the let's promote everyone and encourage people to come game?).

    Well done everyone who came off, and good luck next year for those who didn't ;)
  2. Congratutions to all jammy gits everywhere. It's your round. Can anyone PM me the results at all pse, as they don't yet seem to be on armynet.
  3. poison they were on army net an 0930 hrs yesterday and have just checked they are still there now
  4. them now. I was looking in the wrong bit. I'm just not very good with computers.
  5. We've all been trying to tell you that for a while mate. To give you a hand with matters, we fed your key skills and abilities into the computer at the job centre and a picture of a B&Q palletiser came up. The wonders of modern technology eh mate?? On the flip side of the coin, well done mate - you obviously write a cracking report.
  6. Hey PD I heard that McDonalds are looking for ex Supvr IS. I think they need somebody to work their tills or something.....
  7. Aye, they've got those binary tills with just ones and zeroes. And you have to wear a subnet gimp mask while using it. Ideal for the hobbyist.
  8. Subnet ???? What's one of those???? I must be getting old or something..... lol
  9. In a word: No.