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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by imported_admin, Jan 10, 2002.

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  1. Is anyone finding that sections of the board go missing randomly? eg. no 'General' catagory.  

    I still can't get rid of these bloody things:  :'(
  2. havent noticed anything like that as yet......
  3. Can we not start a game of shoot the smilies
  4. certainly, hows this for starters

  5. Whats wrong with the emoticon thingies?? ???

    Don't they reflect the new 'touchey feely' image the Army is trying to promote? ;D

    Got to kep this short.  My boss wants us to go and find tree to hug :-*

    P.S My issue prozac supply is running out.  Anyone help?
  6. Shoot the smiley ?  Sure.....[​IMG]
  7. I hate the smileys.  They will go as soon as I can suss out how this software works!
  8. I tried to download the map symbols yesterday and found that I got the error message tellimg me that 15Kb of data was missing and the thing wouldn't open in WinZip.
  9. Not a problem with the Boards as such, but the same as Woopert, error messages on the Downloads.
  10. Roger.  Will sort.  Wait out.
  11. Downloads should be sorted.  Let me know if anymore probs.  Thanks.
  12. just tried to get into my profile and I got the following message, I dont know if you were just fiddling around so it wasnt available at the time I tried or if its a problem with the link.

  13. General has dissapeared (as of 30 Jan)!
  14. Sorry.  Don't know why.  I can still see them as CO, but they seem to be blocked for everyone else.  Will sort it now (hopefully).
  15. CO Sir

    The facility to review the 10 most recent postings has disappeared, any chance of a fix there, it was pretty useful?