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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by BlackHand, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. Rules of Engagement In ARRSE International Threads.

    The aim of ARRSE (in such that it has one) is to provide a useful, informative and amusing site for people with an interest in the British Army. Contrary to duty rumour it is not promoting the overthrow of HMG nor does it exist to toe the party line and users can expect to find both reasoned argument and complete ARRSE within the pages. It exists for all, even if you are not privileged enough to hold a UK Passport.

    In Multinational HQ banter, obtuse posts and ignorant comment are often the norm but-

    1. Thread hijacking where an argument/slagging match is carried over from elsewhere.
    2. Totally pointless points.
    3. Extreme swearing and abuse of other users.
    4. Any thing which makes it possible to identify a specific individual

    Will be moderated against. Postings which overstep the mark will be deleted or edited and the perpetrator PM'd. or shot - whichever I feel is justified


    As with all other parts of ARRSE, remember to take caution when posting that you do not post information that is;

    1. Not in the public domain.
    2. Classified.
    3. Sensitive.

    Now play nicely

  2. Don'ya'all leave. Me and Jennie were like peas and carrots.

    We shall miss you.

    I promise, guv, I shan't get up to much trouble. I am a survivor of 64. I care not.
  3. Folks - I'm back. Actually, I have been for some time - I just forgot to tell you.

    Many thanks to Dogmonkey for keeping a close eye on proceedings!
  4. Gang,

    I'm sure all the Mn HQ regulars would like to take the opportunity to welcome Scaryspice as the other board Mod.

    Frankly, I'm away far too much to do this job justice so I'm very grateful for the help. Please direct any of your concerns to her in the first instance and I am certain that you will be far better handled than you would by me! :D
  5. Brilliant, a part time copper who is also a member of the ACF!

    That should bring a "military" perspective into the fray.
  6. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Thanks Geordie - that's quite the nicest thing you've ever said about me on here. Sorry to spoil your party though but you get nought out of two on your guesses. I'm too short to be a copper for a start.

    Oi Proximo - you didn't say there would be any handling - sounds like fun though....
  7. Shoot me and you will get a 165mm HESH shoved up yer jacksie mate!