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It might be me but is the board getting slow ?

The last 2 evenings it has been very slow yet I have managed to get into other web sites quite quickly.

The host ISP is a friend of a friend who has generously donated server space. As the number of posts and threads builds up it takes far longer to download pages off the server. Sadly, because we don't generate any revenue from this site the costs of transferring it to a faster ISP would have to be borne by Bad CO, Good RO1, me, or anyone else wanting to front the cash. This would only be a good solution as long as we had a steady stream of income or the Boss-Men were willing to pur in good money after bad. We thought about advertising/sponsorship last year, but there were 2 deciding factors against, first with only 2000 registered members we wouldn't make a hugely viable prospect for ad agencies, and secondly we don't wish to have our content "monitored" by sponsors who may not like some of the things said in here. We value the integrity of this site and wish to keep it an open forum for those who are serving in, or have an interest with, the British Army to speak out and have a medium to do so.

One thing which we will be doing shortly is archiving threads which we want to keep and which are dead and culling the ones which just tie up bandwidth to speed things up. As you are all no doubt aware, we mods run this board in our spare time and all but a couple of us are serving regular and TA JNCOs, SNCOs, and officers. What doesn't help is that a few of the mods are currently on operations and that means the burden of moderating their boards has been temporarily spread between about 6 of us with a further 10 or so mods who drop in and contribute when they are able. Although I have 3 boards to moderate, 2 of them are relatively quiet, but the Int Cell can take anything up to 2 hours a day to read through and edit posts, move threads, and so on, not including answering the queries people PM to me. What we don't want to do is take the boards down for any length of time to do admin, though I think that may have to be an option if we are to be able to spend a couple of days doing some house keeping to sort the issue of band with out.

BTW, Blossom Hill does a very nice Chardonnay for about £4.50 a bottle, and in fact I have one chilling in the fridge as I write  ;)


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Thanks for the post (and also the work you all do on the maintenance of the board - much appreciated). I entirely understand and as you say - the important point is to keep the board going.  :)

You suggest that speed could be improved if the board was hosted on a commercial ISP. I wonder how much this would cost a year ? I think most hosting services charge about £50 for 2 years (though I could be wildly wrong ?). If this ball park figure is correct, how about an address to where donations could be sent, or a link to an ecommerce page where credit card donations could be made . £50 or so should  not be that hard to find from us, unless I am being niave on the generosity of the main users of this site ?  ;)

Views ?

Or, we can finally get the T-shirts thing on the way. Can we have an open Arrse design competition, everyone agrees on a final design, and then we lump our cash in? I think the minimum order is 20 off.

Whilst it does seem very infra-dig, to be asking for handouts, I think the majority of the people who use this board, can find a fiver from somewhere to keep it going. On the subject of advertising/sponsorship.

What arrse has, is a captive audience or pre-dominantly serving/ex/Reserve and "Wife of". Even with 2000 members, or 1700 allowing for duplicates, it is still an important niche market. Especially when you apply the "media advertising" rule , ie. One newspaper is read by 3 people. Of great interest, would be our "Guest stats"

Yes, advertisers may baulk at some of the stuff written here, but that is "mainstream advertising" I'm talking about the MANUFACTURERS, of kit. They may not want to sell directly, but they do want people aware there kit exists. If that kit is then bought, then the next time you're on exercise, and your opppo says "ooooo that's bright and shiny" then, "Viral marketing" has done it's bit.

Let's look at it another way. Think in the terms, that we're not all single. Advertisers are attracted to the "Family unit" thing with the forces. They're attracted by the (perceived) disposable income available. Therefore, we should be looking at "Family" orientated advertisers, Holidays , Guest Houses, Hotels etc.

There are a wealth of potential advertisers out there, and I think we should be getting them , on a "Time + size" of advert , as opposed to that abomination , "Clicks per view" which is just bollix.

There are advertisers out there, that would give their eye-teeth, to have a conduit into the forces, we just have to find them



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Thanks for the post and
I think the majority of the people who use this board, can find a fiver from somewhere to keep it going.
Yes I agree ; woopert -  post the account and bank number and I will kick this off with a donation.

With regards to advertisers, PTP you are right - I am sure advertisers would love to be included but just a personal thing, I would double my contribution to £10 to keep them out. Of course we may have to revert to adverts - but let us try to do it without them if we can.  :)
The T-shirt thing has (temporarily) gone down the pan not least because we are in a dilemma over the logo.....

I'm well up for the donation thing though! Even if folks just bung arrse a fiver each year or so it'd be more then enough to keep us on a fast server.  'PayPal' or similar would keep bank accounts anonymous but is a bit of a nause to set up just for a one-off payment....any other thoughts on this?

And, of course, I'd be happy to design the banner ads for the call to donate!

I'll make some enquiries re a decent server - I know a few that are lightning fast
It might be a bit dangerous to put the cart before the horses, and I think a lot of discussion has to take place "off-line" first because taking money off people presents numerous issues which are best resolved behind the scenes first. I think the first thing we need to do is a bit of house-keeping, the other issues may take some time to resolve.
I would happily sell my house and all its contents to help Arrse

IF I found it slow that is.

However it is quick enough between 0400 and 0600hrs and that good enough for me, indeed I hardly have time to sip the Shiraz.  

Perhaps you slackers should book an early call with the Guardroom.  ;D


Perhaps you slackers should book an early call with the Guardroom
I did, you didn't say it had to be the guardroom of the base you're on :)

Still, the Yank who picked the phone up thought it was very surreal, the missus didn't help :)

Anyway, will check in sober, and ready for the discussion in the AM. (Make that PM, they're going to write songs about this hangover)

Bad CO

Hadn't noticed this thread until today.... but thanks to everyone for their comments and the kind  offers of donations!  We now have a paypal account - just use the email address:
Eagle - if you could design a logo pse I'll add it to the banner.

For those who don't know, ARRSE has cost GoodCO and myself approx £400 to date although some of that comes under the heading of 'stupidity tax' - bear in mind that we are entirely self taught.  As Ramilies says - it is possible to get web hosting for as little as £50/year but unfortunately it soon ramps up if you want to run scripts, have serious bandwidth usage or lots of disk space.  We have been extremely fortunate that Merula have hosted ARRSE on their charity rate and, although the site does sometimes slow down, it is a top class service that would normally cost £100's of pounds a year.  Bear in mind that we get approx 250-300k 'hits' per month and this is increasing at a serious rate!

We don't think that culling threads makes any real difference to the speed so I don't want the Mods getting carried away.  People have started to put large files in their sig blocks and this doesn't help though.

Hope this helps and thanks for your continued support
Well I will be culling some of the older threads in the Int Cell as there is some real ARRSE in there.
Re banner: gizza couple o' days!
Don't you have something a bit more pressing to worry a frikkin' war you muppet!  ;D
Yep me too, Although I would like to bid to buy the site, purely so I can ban ORG. ;D

Seriously give us the Pay pal details and Im sure a great many will donate.


Or, we can finally get the T-shirts thing on the way. Can we have an open Arrse design competition, everyone agrees on a final design, and then we lump our cash in? I think the minimum order is 20 off.
PTP, If you want a company for t-shirts, try this website,

The proprieter is a lady called Ruth Barratt, i have been using them for a few months now for my unit t-shirts, the prices are very reasonable and everything i have received so far has been very good quality.  There is also no minimum order.

Bad CO

Just for interest I am currently in the process of upgrading the version of YaBB that powers the board to ver 1.2.  It claims to be significantly faster than the old version and I can confirm that this does appear to be true - I'm writing this using it.  Although I have it up and running I haven't yet got full functionality so will not complete the upgrade until I do.


Just to keep you updated, he's just buggered off on an exped and given up on 1.2.  It basically works, but the Instant Message system is knacked.  I'll keep fiddling with it and hopefully a faster board will follow shortly.

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