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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know when the last and next Staffies boards is / was?

  2. In which unit??
  3. Sorry mate Sigs
  4. Are you talking about TA or Regular? TA boards are held within units Reg boards are held at Glasgow. If you are talking TA best to ash at your unit - poss RAWO. Reg wise last board was released on 1 Apr 10 next one will be released at about the same time next year - have a look at armynet!

  5. TA..

    I've asked locally and got the reply that it was "sometime ago..."

    Just wanted to get something a little more concrete :)
  6. The date is different for each unit. Your PSAO should know and if he doesn't he can find out from your Adjt. If they have any sense the board date shortly after the due date for SSgt's SJARS.
  7. Cheers,

    Just sometimes feels career development is a dirty word....

    I'm getting frustrated by the whole process especially when lower ranks are waiting years to get promoted. We've got one guy who turns up every week but more importantly is a good soldier and I know he would fit perfectly into a regular unit right now but he has to watch as others get rewarded when they are just in "long enough"?

    Im my eyes promotion (subject to PID) should be given on the following criteria...

    1 - How deployable is the soldier?
    2 - Is the person at the top of their trade
    3 - Is the person reliable
    4 - Has the person attended the required cses and workbooks

    I'd also make the whole process transparent.

    P.S. Why are Seniors not consulted at any stage of the process?
  8. Seniors should be advising their Tp Comd when it comes around to SJAR time and should be making sure he is aware which lads are performing well/badly throughout the reporting year, so they are in the process (and for Ptes in some Corps SSgt-WO2s should be writing the SJAR as 1RO).

    Time in rank required for promotion is determined by A&SDs and will be different for trade and capbadge so check your Corps SIs (it can also be reduced where a soldier has been on tour etc - check the rules).

    Dig yourself out a copy of your Corps instructions and read the guidance in JSP 757 Chapter 2.
  9. Call me old fashioned, but I rather like the words 'leadership potential' being discussed in promotion boards. I can think of many who tick all of your criteria but whom I wouldn't promote in a month of Sundays.

    Understand you frustration with the glacial speed though. Does it have anything to do with 'dead man's shoes'?