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Anyone else on here just get back from Westbury? I was welcomed home by an email saying congratulations from the Brigadier so I'm over the moon right now!!

Just wanted to say cheers to everyone who posts in this section as I found it very useful whilst preparing so, cheers

hi, i too had the e-mail from the board, was so made, and suprised how quick i got it! was my second attempt, so was extremely nervous. Congrats, may see you at RMAS

yellow 27
Thanks kyle, were you on the board too?

hey 22, well happy for you, i thought you were in with a big shout to be honest. haven't heard from anyone else, i just caught the 9.30 bus after my medical, so didn't have a chance to say goodbye or exchange e-mails, have you heard from anyone else?

p.s my forehead still hurts!!
I passed my board back in the summer, just thought i'd say well done as i know what its like to go through the whole process. Best feeling in the world when you get that pass at the end. When are you two looking to head to Sandbags?
Thanks kyle

i'm looking to get booked in for May, i've heard that Jan is fully booked. how about you?

yellow 22, when are you thinking of going? have you heard from any of the others yet?
alright teeman, happy for you mate. It paid off coming back again then!

I'm looking to go in for May mate, I wanted Jan but I don't think that's possible anymore!
Congratulations guys! It's nice to see people coming on the forums and saying they passed rather than failed. Gives us all hope.

Hopefully see you in May.
Is it usual to get an email saying you've passed or do some people just get letters? I was just wondering as have got back from my main board today and no email so was thinking I might just get a letter saying I've failed.

pm me your home address and i´ll send you that book i told you about, ´the junior officers reading club´, remember? just finished it and its a good read, got a bit on sandhurst and his subsequent career.

still no contact from any of the other guys?

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