Bo11 LUX to the D.V.L.A

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AIR FILTER, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Oh dear, Big Brother raising its ugly head. If they sold it, tough. I know they "screen out" offensive plates but if went through the system, so what? They make an absolute fortune selling personalised plates and passing on information to insurance companies so I hope this bites them on the arse.
    The best one I saw, though, was M1NGE. Wonder how much they ripped the owner of that one off for?
  2. You didn't see M1NGE, you heard Clarkson talk about it on Top Gear like the rest of the world.

    It doesn't exist:
  3. Wrong again so don't make assumptions. I saw that one at least 10 years ago and never, ever, watch Top Gear. He may, though, have copied it from me.
    It may not exist now but it did the, a little sports type car if I remember correctly.
  4. I refer you again to:

    It doesn't exist:
  5. Steve Parrish ex gp bike rider and then truck racer used to have "pen 15" as his plate on a merc .
    Never knew if it was genuine or not but most people used to snigger when they saw it

    Kind regards

    R M
  6. If you go down the Google page you got that from you will see others have spotted it. However, as I said this was at least 10 years ago so it probably got picked up by the thought police and withdrawn.
  7. theres a bunch of lads near where i live who ride about on road legal quad bikes, one of which has the number plate TO55 ERS
  8. Mountain out of a molehill, DVLA are just being tossers and as for 'causing offence', who got offended is what I'd like to know. If they keep bitching the bloke can get a refund, simple as.
  9. Is it Cuxhaven that has the prefix 'CU' on it's reggo plates followed by those two dots and the rest of the number?

    I recall years ago seeing in an 'adult art magazine' readers letters page a picture of a boxhead reggo plate that was CU:NT 1234.

    Made I larf but life was simpler in those days, very much like me.
  10. Which is bollocks, as I ran mine through it and it doesnt exist apparently. Which it does.
  11. A few years ago, I saw a Ferrari with a numberplate that spelt out the word 'pissed'. Just tried every combo I can think of on smudge's link though, and it's either been withdrawn or was fake to begin with!
  12. I'm afraid the case is clear cut.

    If you need a personalised Registration, you're a throbber.
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  13. Likewise, there used to be a Mini running about Middlesbrough with the registration OOO 000O. Clearly a special issue by DVLA as the O suffix wasn't normal. Not on mycarcheck, either scrapped or, more likely, withdrawn.
  14. Jim Davidson