BNPs new veteran

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by coldpool, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Figured I'd come right to the best source on this one, is David Lloyd legit? BNP did try to pass off a schoolteacher in a uniform earlier this month.

    Royal Air Force Regiment veteran David Lloyd will stand for the BNP in Lewes.

    “My family has served in the Army and the Royal Navy for decades and have earned the right to say how this country is run,” Mr Lloyd said

  2. Why not fuck off you boring twat.
  3. Short range desert group, that explains it all.
  4. Who are you? Journo? Researcher for one of the other parties?

    I loathe the BNP. And I think I know the answer. But why the hell should I do your work for you?

  5. Rather says it all about the BNP.

    I'd normally give him the benefit of the doubt that what he really meant was "earned the right to express an opinion on how this country is run" but, since I'm pig-sick of cretins who think a loud voice is the same as a working brain, I won't.
  6. Says right there in my profile I'm a journalist. No particular reason why you should do my job, certainly nobody is demanding information, I just thought if anyone would have a quick answer it would be this site.
  7. With fire.
  8. So, I can assume you don't know then. Good stuff.
  9. Have you considered suicide?
  10. come on chaps, at least he / she was open about it. unlike most of the morons who try the same thing.

    journo - bear in mind the person in question was RAF and this is an Army site. at least do lazy research with the right Service? ;)
  11. internet big men. anyone with a brain and some manners fancy a shot at it then?
  12. Suicide is a solo sport, be creative.
  13. Oh its totally lazy research. I'm out of the office, its no rush. I'm just aware that people here might take offence if it they were pushing another fake and probably have the expertise to spot one. I'll be calling up mod contacts tomorrow.
  14. Post pics? Preferably of your cock, not my brain.
  15. On Saturday? Good luck.

    I hear drowning is fashionable these days.