BNP Win Their First EU Seat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wedge35, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. I'm actually quite ashamed to be a Yorkshireman. 1100 of their votes were cast in Craven, this makes me doubly ashamed.
  2. how can you be ashamed of other people's poltical persuasion??
  3. Glad to see my vote wasn't wasted.
  4. Did you not see the sacrifice made by a generation 65 years ago yet in the lifetime of the greatest generation Yorkshire men and women put a fascist into the EU parliament.

    The dead must be turning in their graves tonight.
  5. http://

    and the live will be raising their glasses in toast??

    Im neither pro nor anti-BNP.. i decided my vote would be better wasted than to go to any party.

    But all this hype about the BNP being baby eating, tear drinking ogres, is just too over the top.... and the people who seem oh-so offended by them say they are offended on behalf of people they never knew? claiming others actions as their own.... "this isnt what they died for...." how do you know what they died for????

    they have 1 MEP... big whoopy-doo...

    edited to correct shoddy spelling... it is nearly 2am :p
  6. Fascist. where, who? Quick, hide under your bed Albi.
  7. Errr -- Its 01.50 hrs, and they have just won their second seat!!
  8. All I get from your link is

    Address not found!
  9. They fought and died so in the future people could go to a voting booth and vote for who they want to

    Perhaps if the mainstream parties asked themselves why so many people voted for fascist cnuts we might get somewhere
  10. I actually asked some of those who voted for fascists. They gave me fascist reasons.
  11. Where is this 2nd seat ?
  12. You changed your post - so I did too.
  13. I actually asked some of those who voted for fascists. They gave me fascist reasons.[/quote]

    yeah... opaque as f*ck those fascists :roll:
  14. I wonder when us ex-soldiers will be getting called back up to purge and cleanse the motherland.

    *Just incase a future/potential employer is ever made aware of this post, it was written in jest.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.