BNP vs. Sinn Fein

So the BNP and Sinn Fein have between them won a total of three European Parliamentary seats in British home constituencies.

The BNP wins are greeted with almost universal opprobrium. Sinn Fein/IRA won one seat and it is almost unremarked upon.

Sinn Fein/IRA are responsible for the deaths of c3,000 people in Britain in the last 40 years, including over 1,100 army, police and prison officers. The BNP as far as I am aware have collectively been responsible for nil murders.

The BNP, Andrew Bron & Nick Griffin's past has been subject to intense scrutiny. The '000's of Sinn Fein/IRA murders go virtually unmentioned.

Why is this?

Have we somehow become conditioned to express thoughts and opinions that are considered acceptable by a political and journalistic class?

Has this conditioning defined boundaries to our opinions beyond which we cannot express an opinion at odds with that supported by the political and journalistic class?

Where will this end up?
How about nail bombings? Casual violence towards mixed race couples? Oh but its the BNP though so they must be 'random incidents', they aren't a fanatical cause or anything. :roll:
It's a case of BNP (bad), Sinn Fein (worse).

I think the peace process a brilliant thing in NI, however if asked whether I'd vote for murders to be in public office, or continued violence, I'd have stayed at home.
I thought this was going to be a great episide of celebrity deathmatch.

Sinn Fein while undoubtedly part of the problem eventually grew/evolved to be part of the solution instead. While they preached violence/extremism they were never allowed to be part of mainstream politics.
Right now BNPs have in their minds racist solutions to problems that exist largely in their warped heads. They might fool some people that they too have evolved but I doubt it. In my mind Britain doesnt (shouldn't) do extreme politics. No anti monarchy revolutions like 1789 or nationalist revolutions like 1848 or communist revoultions like the early 20th century or fascist revolutions like the 1930's century. Stability was the key to our success while Europe periodically tore itself apart while following the extreme views of the latest world-changing nutter. Politicians who want to change the world usually change it for the worse. It is science, technology, medicine and business that provides real worthwhile change.
So now we have our very own nutter and Brown has finally created conditions that let the extremists have a say in British politics. Not good.
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