BNP Using Arab Firm to Print Their Newspaper! Marvellous

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. Did anyone read or hear of a story about the BNP having to go to resort to gettting a 'muslim-arab' printers to print their newspaper? :lol: Apparently the BNP didn't know that the company was run by a Saudi businessman (although the businessman did???) because no-one else will touch it!

    I was told it was in the Sun yesterday - has anyone got a link??

    Would not be surprised if it is true, the party seems to be doing a good job recently of showing themselves to be utter tw@ts ..... as they are :!:
  2. Confirmed, unless someone's setting up a fairly elaborate hoax:

  3. GOT IT!

    Asians in Media

    and... Telegraph page
    :lol: :lol: :lol: So that's alright then! 'Muslims' can apparently rape 'our' sisters and mothers, and have such a negative spread and growth across Britain but they're good enough to print their newspaper!! 8O I thought printing house was just as bad for printing it but they're the ones getting the money and making a fool of them! Personally I might wouldn't touch it - only if its the nearest thing after taking a sh*t :D
  4. glorious simply glorious
    did you see the story about how the master race managed to hire a black dj for there chrimble party.
  5. I looked through the Jewish Chronicle to see if the story was there, but no sign. I presume their journalists are still picking up the kidneys they sh*t.

    The story also appears on the BNP website , but still no sign of a story on the Private Beharry VC . How odd :twisted:
  6. What mongs. They are!
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    That nice Mr Griffin, who was I believe charged with incitement to racial hatred, has been quoted as saying that Pvt Beharry's award was very "PC".

  8. Oh that cuddly Mr. Griffin , he's such a joker.

    Maybe the very brave boss eyed one , would like to talk with members of the Regiment who were there, to see how PC it is to have a seriously bad head wound and still go in and get your mates, not once but twice.

    He would have got more respect, if he said 'You know our values, but we salute bravery when we see it"

  9. Yes I agree but rephrase it a little: CNUTS.

    Have an arab company print their newspaper - oh that's fine but cannot even utter one word of support for the actions of such a brave man? Awwwh no can't do that :roll:
    Just shows how 'changeable' their so-called policies are and what utter senseless cnuts their group will always represent. I hope its evident to others too.