BNP to get £670,000 from taxpayers to fund campaign

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldbaldy, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. oldbaldy

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    From The Scotsman:
  2. Is BNP a lawfully registerd party? Yes.

    Are those who vote for it taxpayers? Yes.

    Would it be right to discriminate rights of British citizens? No.

    What is a true way to stop funding of BNP? Only a courts decision.
  3. Well said.
  4. Shows how fair our voting system is then!

    BNP get 4.9% (808200)of the vote and zero MEPS while SNP get 1.4% (231505)which equals 2 MEPS and WNP (Plaid Cymru) gets a measly 1% (159888) but also manages to get 1 MEP.

    Not sure which is worse, the fact that 808,200 people voted for the BNP or that even with 300,000 more voters than the SNP they still got fcuked off.

    Figures from
  5. If it had been the Scottish Communist Party no doubt they would have been welcomes as comrades in arms!
  6. We live in a democracy (allegedly).
    The BNP are entitled to the same as any other political party.
    And enough people vote for them, they are entitled to represent those people, whose views are just as valid as anyone elses.
  7. agreed...even spineless racist pricks who I wouldnt even piss on get to have equal rights.
  8. Ah, but that's the real problem with the BNP now isn't it. While undeniably racist, their membership are neither spineless nor pricks.

    Anybody who is willing to publicly support the BNP is, frankly, a braver man than I am. They face villification and possibly even loss of their jobs because of their extreme political views. Therefore, willingness to campaign for the BNP demonstrates a very high level of dedication to the party and its policies.

    Like many people, I used to believe that the BNP was little more than a social club for swastika waving, bovver booted skinheads. That seems not to be the case any more.

    Did you read the recent article by the reporter who worked iirc for the Guardian? He infiltrated the BNP and eventually became some sort of London regional organiser with access to their membership lists. To his surprise, the members didn't consist exclusively of knuckle dragging neanderthals who owned copies of Mein Kampf despite being unable to read.

    A growing proportion of the BNP membership seems to consist of well educated, professional people. These include the directors of successful companies as well as a disproportionate number of school teachers. Once these people start rising up into senior positions in the party, the BNP will become better organised and more professional.

    It's a near certainty that they will increase the number of local councilors that they have at this years local elections. They may take control of Burnley council and I think it's probable that they will get MSPs elected to the Scottish parliament in May.

    If Gordon Brown doesn't get a grip of the loony left and bring government policy more into line with public opinion, I think we will see BNP MPs elected to Westminster at the next general election.

    I think the BNP now is comparable to the Nazi party in Germany in the mid 1920s. They are just starting to get organised. If the next government doesn't deal fairly and responsibly with the problems that Labour's politically correct policies have created over the past 10 years, the BNP may well become a significant and permanent feature in British politics, not unlike the Front National in France.

    Thats my tuppence worth of wisdom. What do the rest of you think?
  9. "What do the rest of you think"

    I think your post is absolutely spot on.

    However, were I still a serving member of HMForces I certainly wouldn't publish my support for the BNP.
  10. Novel idea to say the least Blokeonabike.
    Imagine a democratic country (UK) where the politicians represent the electorate :crazy:
  11. Great thing democracy.
    We legitimise teorrorists and give money to the Nazis.
    I'm so proud of my country sometimes.
  12. I personally think the BNP are a nasty stain on this country, and there is a hidden agenda with them that, as Ancient Marriner quite rightly states, will bite us all in the bum if we let them. However, they are at the moment a legitimate political movement and as such should be entitled to all that comes with it.
  13. To be honest based on their latest election results in Scotland the BNP are very unlikely to get a single MSP. Any attempts they have made to get a real toe hold north of the border have been rebuffed, as they are seen firstly as an English National Party as likely to be biased against the Scots as they are against particularly coloured immigrant peoples, and racists in general. I think in general their forays north of the border are more about getting free air time to help their campaigns south of the border rather than a real hope of electoral success north of the border.

  14. They tried to get in amongst the Kriss Donald murder case and champion the hunt for their killers (who were later jailed for his rascist murder). However, Kriss Donalds mother told them to poke it and get lost, as far as she was concerned they were no better than the murderers.

    The BNP don't have a hope in hell in the Scottish Elections.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think AM you have got it spot on.