BNP The "Patriotic Party"!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by error_unknown, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. From the Gaulieters site

    8O 8O 8O 8O
  2. Does RTMC have the same policy?
    BNP could have a recruiting stand outside the gate, ready for Op Telic 6 Tranche 1.
  3. So speaks the voice of reason...? :cry:

    Seems a bit extreme, if you don't want to go, fail the WHT....
  4. while it is nice to hear some support for the troops I would not consider voting for the BNP. They seem just as deluded as the leftie idiots we have now, but on the other end of the scale
  5. I would rather have my head sawn off by a psychotic Jundy than be in any way associated with the B.N.P! :x
  6. BNP = scum.
    Not illegal though. Therefore, how can you possibly be discharged from a government organisation for simply belonging to a legal political party.
    Very strange, very new labour and exactly what we deserve. Remember, most people voted for the Labour party, no matter what they say...
  7. Well, that should get the majority of voters on their side, won't it? :?

    Sign me up, please, I'm a deluded imbecillic criminal :D
  8. Funny you should say that but because of the low turn out for the last general election (something like 60%) and the way our electoral system works, in fact only one in four people in the country actually voted for him, and I bet they are really proud of themselves.
  9. getting chuked out for working for a french bank? Excellent, Where do I signup. No more failed WHT, 2 day CFTs thats it, I'm putting down my ww11 field dressing and driving my 50s classic l/r back to my anders shelter and handing in my ammo boots :lol:
  10. A bit off thread maybe but in the past men used to go to further extremes in order to ensure that they could deploy on Operations.

    At the outbreak of WW2, Fitzroy McClean of 'Eastern Approaches' fame was a diplomat working in the British Embassy in Russia. He applied to join the Army but was told no - as a diplomat he was required to stay in his job.

    What's a man to?

    Fitzroy stood for MP in a vacant seat in Lancashire I think. He won the seat and therefore as an MP could no longer be a member of the diplomatic corps leaving him free to join up and go on to great things.

    Any chance of anyone in todays society going to those sort of lenghts to serve?
  11. The fact is you'rd be hard pushed, in fact I Know a "man" who used the "i'm going to be an MP so I can't go to war" phrase to get out of being mobilised. No need to guess which party colour he wore!
  12. the man has a point though.

    Any government inititive to ban members of the SSP or the British Communist Party from the civil service or the army. not a chance! So why should the BNP be any different?

    massive human rights violation, but hey, this is New Britain.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. I find the views of the BNP to be pretty loathsome.

    However, I do find some concern that they can be expelled for having right wing views. I work with some *distinctly* right wing people, but they do not let their views affect the way they deport themselves miltarily.

    Some make no attempt to hide their racist views - in private - but this is not displayed to the rest of the wolrd, as it where.

    I would be more than happy to bin them for Racist behaviour, but Racist opinions?
  15. It comes down to personal choice. Someone may have very right or left wing views in private, but when they announce them publicly, they are either vilified or hailed as a hero, depending on your own view.
    Much as I'm not in favour of the BNP views, I'm willing to let them express their views because I live in a society where those freedoms are allowed. I'd only take exception when they start abusing the state and inciting violence and hatred (a la Hamza). As for being in the military, you views shouldn't effect your service, you are a public servant and can have whatever views you like, as long as you remember not to voice them!