BNP tempting voters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ex_Duke, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Minister says BNP tempting voters
    White working class voters are being "tempted" by the British National Party as they feel Labour is not listening to their concerns, a minister has said.
    Employment minister Margaret Hodge was interviewed in the Sunday Telegraph.

    She told the paper the BNP could win some seats in her Barking constituency in May's council polls.

    Mrs Hodge said many families in Barking were angry at the lack of housing and because asylum seekers had been housed in the area by inner London councils.

    "They can't get a home for their children, they see black and ethnic minority communities moving in and they are angry," she said.

    'Never seen'

    Mrs Hodge told the paper she has been out campaigning two days a week in an attempt to counter the BNP efforts.

    She has found that as many as eight out of 10 white families admit they are tempted to vote BNP.

    In last year's general election the BNP polled third in Barking, receiving 17% of the vote.

    Part of the reason they switch to the BNP is they feel no-one else is listening to them
    Margaret Hodge

    "That's something we have never seen before, in all my years. Even when people voted BNP they used to be ashamed to vote BNP," she said.

    Mrs Hodge said the "poorest whites" feel the greatest anger "because there is no way out for them".

    "The Labour Party hasn't talked to these people," she added.

    "Part of the reason they switch to the BNP is they feel no-one else is listening to them."

    She said the ethnic make-up of Barking had changed "so fast" from a predominantly white, working class area since she first became MP in 1994.

    "That is the key thing that has created the environment the BNP has sought to exploit," she said. :cry:

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2006/04/16 02:21:39 GMT
  2. Democracy - don't you just love it!
  3. The major part of my mothers family were from Barking. I'm thinking of the '40s and '50s. The area was a community of hard working and responsible people who enjoyed few essentials still less luxuries. The overwhelming ethos of those people was their respect for fair play and honesty. They had very impressive bullshYt meters built in and were not afraid to voice an opinion at the drop of a hat.
    As such they were the ones most likely to see through what the government is doing. They will have tried to express their concerns but been spun. They will be more annoyed at the thought that someone would try to fool them that at the injustice they think exists. BNP voting is not a mark that the area is changing; it is an expression of their frustration. I have never understood the phrase "nobility of the working class" but this comes nearest to what I think that might be.
  4. There seems to be some intresting propaganda doing the rounds in London at the moment aswell. A mate who is working on a building site was given a leaflet by another lad who claims he got it from a 'Kosovan' that was giving them out to people who were clearly foriegn to the UK at Paddington. The leaflet basically was saying bring your family to the UK as here you who be looked after by the state and not have to work.

    I don't believe for a minute that story was true I did see the leaflet and it read very much like far-right leaflets I have seen in the past just in a perspective of an illegal immigrant but perpetuating all the usual 'truths'. My mate was taken in and believed it 100% and would probably vote BNP if an election was comming up soon.

    In areas like Barking where demographics have changed so quickly it is understandable that the residents who have not 'got out' will feel let down by the government espically if they have worked hard to buy their houses and pay their due to society. My dad was gutted the day a single mother was given a better house than the one he worked hard to pay for and then witnnessed over the course of a year as that house went to the dogs as her kids trashed it and the council/housing agency did nothing to stop them.

    Me personally I'm not racist just a snob that dislikes 'have nots' who winge about it or live in their own mess regardless of their religion or colour. It is a sad fact of capitalist demographics that as industy in an area changes and migrant workers need to find cheap housing areas will change almost over night, the only way it won't is if the residents refuse to sell or let their properties. I have noticed that the moment a single home owner lets a property to a housing agency the neighbours of that property will quickly wish to move if noisy messy scum are moved in. Its like the domino theory regarding communism; the majorities attitude is "I couldn't care less who moves in next door so long as they were not rude, up to anything illegal and kept the house in keeping with area - no problem my house doesn't lose value and my standard of living is not affected." Of course people can't move quick enough if thats not the case.

    If the tories had their house in order they could probably use issues like these to win the next general election. They would not need to resort to the lies told by the far right the truth is there and witnessed by ambulance crews and police officers day after day who deal with the under class of all cultures in London. They just need to stand united on these issues and not worry about being branded as a non-PC bigot for telling the truth. The truth can be told but once exaggerated and given a slight twist it can end up as border line 'incitement to racial hatred' and this is what the far-right do and are getting better at.

    edited for grammer.
  5. i do not think that people will totally agree with the right-wing views of the BNP but a lot will see it at the chance to try & get what they actually deserve as members of the BRITISH public.

    especially after that new legislation saying that all new immigrants are now entitled to a council house regardless, yet there are BRITISH families living in cramped squalor :x :x :x :x
  6. I agree but the definition of British to some people is 'white'. To be fair all the non-white British people I know don't need council housing, they are all hard working and have got mortgauges like me 8O

    I'm not against council housing but why should you expect cheap housing just because you are British? Working and contributing to the economy - yes. Just because your Grandad fought and died in both world wars but you are a lazy slob - no chance.

    Almost no one gets it easy in life, some people should focus on bettering themselves rather than getting bitter about a percieved slight. That goes for everyone - some members of ethnic minorities have chips on their shoulders so big it makes them walk funny.
  7. It is not those who are considering voting for the BNP who need to be ashamed but rather those who voted New Labour
  8. agree on some of those points but some people have no choice but to live in council accommodation as the wage system is so poor in the uk. friends of ours are like that & they both work but will never be able to afford their own house, but that is opening a whole new can of worms.

    i too have a mortgage but sometimes i wish a had the cheaper option of quarters once again, but i hear that they are to take a huge hike to bring them into line with civilian rent need.

    the forces though has always been a hotbed for people with a tendancy to lean to the right i feel although with the intergration of all the different races now it does seem to be disappearing.
  9. well that was'nt me :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  10. Oh the joys of democracy.
    As I see it if there was a sudden swing in Barking to vote for the Scottish National Party this story would be a none starter. The same as if voters decided to vote for the Indian BJP party. The reason this is a story and worrying politicians is purely because the people in this particular area have had enough of being spoon fed the Nu Labour policy of 'equality' and you 'will love your neighbour or else' It is a sad fact of life that everytime a country allows mass immigration and starts handing out freebee housing etc the far right political parties prosper. The former East Germany being case point during the mid 90's, skinheads, race riots, swastika's etc It has only died a death following stricter immigration controls by the boxheads, fast track deportation of illegal immigrants and the removal of instant benefit payments. From that moment Germany was no longer seen as the Holy Grail of ecconomic migrants, rather a stepping stone to the land of hand outs............ the UK.
    If the goverment is that worried about the rise of the right, they should take the problem head on. Holding centres, no benefits and deportation for those caught entering the country illigally. More to the point start practicing what the preach about equallity with level playing field approach to housing etc Not the current 'Oh they've just arrived in the country, so we'll give them a house and intergrate them into the community'
    Labour have brought this problem on them selves (and us) They need to stop bleating and grip the route cause of the problem.
  11. It's not Labours fault. It's the fault of those who voted the c*nts in.
  12. This isn't a matter of colour. British people, of all hues and religions are thoroughly fed up with none British people being perceived as having more rights than the hard working, tax paying people who make up the UK. There is a massive difference between genuine asylum seekers, who are in fear of their life, and economic migrants who are coming to the UK solely to get what they can. Worse still are those that come in and make no attempt whatsoever to assimilate, and this can be laid squarely at the feet of Neu Arbeit. This is the very crux of the matter, make no mistake. Many Britons are seeing their way of life being eroded. I pesonally would never vote BNP, as they are an odious bunch of facist racists, but I can see where people who intend to vote for them are coming from. They are voting for the wrong party for the right reasons. Which means that there is a gap in the political makeup of this country, and one that can be exploited by the party that sees it
  13. don't think there's any right as an immigrant to a council house certainly no law although central gov paid alot of money for condemmed buildings to house asslyum seekers in which were never used as unfit for purpose:(
    BNP are a bunch of criminal thugs just look at how many councilliors have been done for drug dealing and assualt hardly the party of law and order.
  14. Not all of those who are complaining are the hard working citizens you think they are. Some of them are 'benefit' scrounging scum who haven't worked a day in their lives and have no intention of doing so.
  15. Agreed Biscuits, but the people you describe are the "traditional" ignorant fools that have been the bedrock of the BNP vote. There is a change to the kind of person that is considering the BNP, people that 10 years ago would not have ever considered voting for them.