BNP Teacher with " Forces Background" ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by saladin, May 25, 2010.

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  1. "They know i'm great" loves himself a bit doesn't he
  2. Are you reading the same article as the one you've linked to?

    He doesn't say he was never in the forces.
  3. Bloody hell! Baron Castleshort has shaved his moustache off.
  4. He is wearing a veterans up the Waltenkommando wagon!
  5. That's absolute crap - everything he says. The first things is that the GTC are incredibly inconsistent and about as much use as Anne Frank's drumkit. They' re a waste of £50 per person per year. The second thing is I can claim a "forces background" with the OTC, as I guess this individual was probably OTC/ACF or somesuch. Or paintballing. I would never claim "martial arts" or anything else earns you respect. Being a fair, consistent, interesting teacher with decent behaviour management earns you respect. The OTC I think helped me in my teaching career - it improved my self-esteem, made me more confident in front of my peers and various other leadership/planning skills that I still use today. Do I tell any classes I could kill someone with a toothpick from the 2nd floor balcony of the Iranian Embassy?...

    Edited to add that posting on forums while you're supposed to be teaching is a big no no, as if that wasn't difficult to figure out. Drags down the rest of his profession by being an idiot. I never posted on arrse from a school computer, but would occasionally post on the Times Educational Supplement forum from work if I was on a prep, lunch or after school. Never racist comments, I mean seriously, who calls anyone else "filth" based on the colour of their skin? I mean maybe if they're a Roman Catholic Kiddy Fiddler... *woops*
  6. As much as he may be a total bellend, why do people on here think anyone mentioning a forces background is a walt.

    The walt hunting on here is hit and miss to say the least.
  7. I concede on a technicality:

    Some more revelations in the Guardian:
  8. He has a bit of a following in the Durham area and it is'nt as if the area is crawling with immigrants, they would probably get eaten by the locals.
  9. And a bit more about his Forces background:

    So, we're looking to find a tankie who served with him in Germany, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel during the period 1985-1990...
  10. No, we are look for an RAC member(ex or otherwise), who may have been cavalry or not.
  11. I may be opening myself up to ridicule, but (since '56) when did we last have people in Israel?

    I know there were a few exercises in Egypt (especially from Cyprus) but I can't recall any the other side of Gaza.
  12. If he is a native of the NE, are we looking for 13/18th Hussars veterans who might know him? Or don't the HCR recruit up there?
  13. Hes ex 15th 19th And his time in egypt/israel was diving with the regts diving club.......