BNP strike blow for democracy...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. From Sky News:

    The story is here.

    This is about as low as it gets IMHO.
  2. I really hate to say this but I agree with those statements.
    However, even though I think the Iraq war was illegal, I’m glad we went in and removed Saddam.
    There’s no way I’d ever vote for the BNP, they’re nothing more than a bunch of Nazis in disguise.

    Goku , your last line edited. As despicable as some of this parties policies are, I don't think they've yet advocated resettlement camps and train journeys east. - PTP
  3. They also ways start sounding out reasonble but there answers to problems are not . probably think sebrinica is the way to go .
  4. Goku - I initially read your thread and thought 'Bah! He's a vicious right wing nutter with a microscopic world view'.

    I then realised that you aren't in fact a relation of George Bush, and that I also agree with you. However, we have not 'lost control of our borders' nor do we turn a blind eye to the activities of the lunatic fringe - quite the opposite in fact - the vast majority of people never get to hear about the very real successes we enjoy in preventing acts of aggression.

    What annoys me about this latest piece of BNP-inspired nonsense is that is as typically simplistic as all the other garbage they produce, and I daresay, their supporters and sympathisers.

    The statement 'It's obviously a very graphic, horrific image which really sums up the cost of voting Labour' is utterly untrue - the real price of voting Neu Arbeit remains to be fully realised.
  5. The Iraq/Afganistan war was morraly the correct thing to do!!

  6. I can't believe the BNP have stooped so low (not that I otherwise held them in high regard).

    I find it amusing how they tried to exploit traditional enmities between Sikhs and Muslims in the recent election campaign. It's quite clear that the BNP and it's ignorant supporters would not confine their hatred to Muslims alone, but spread to all 'darkies' and Jews, if they ever came to power.

    Rant ends.
  7. nasty wannabe nazi's
    who go all pc when caught on TV kicked out there yooth leader :roll: when caught by channel 4 admireing hitler.
    I'M sorry I thought that what was facist groups did :roll:
  8. Darth,

    You've said you think this is as low as it gets, but in your signature you have a Union Flag superimposed on GB and No Surrender. I'm just a bit bemused, because to me the sentiments expressed here by the BNP spokesman seems to have the same message as your signature block(!)

    I'll never say never vote BNP. In this instance I agree with the sentiment entirely. The presence of jihad-preaching fanatics in this country is at least in part (and I believe wholly) as a result of New Labour's utter incompetence in controlling immigration. Whatever the reason for their jihad (the War in Iraq and siding with the US too often seem to be the reasons quoted), the blame for the failure of our immigration system to deport fanatics who are clearly in breach of our goodwill needs to be placed squarely on the doorstep of No 10.

    The problem I have is that I can't think of any political parties who fall in-between the BNP and Conservative. If there were I would probably support them. As it is Conservative do not always go far enough towards representing my views, and therefore just sometimes I find myself agreeing with the BNP.

    [editing once for sh!t grammar and spelling]
  9. I simply think we have a big problem with illegal immigration that we need to get to grips with.
    I am in no way as extreme as the BNP and I stand by my beliefs that they are Nazis.

    I think that we should never have tolerated that Islamic cleric with the hook for a hand (can’t remember his name off the top of my head), the man should never have been allowed to preach in this country or claim benefits. That goes for all the other clerics who spread his message.
    I think we need to do more to crack down on illegal immigrants, lets face it, we don’t know how many are here and we don’t know how many are potential terrorists.
    I think the reasons we were given for going into Iraq were not altogether truthful but it was the right thing to do. We should have removed Saddam in the first Iraq war.
    And I am not the labour governments biggest fan.

    The BNP, I don’t think should have any political power.
    It frightens me that there are people who vote for them.
    There is no question that they are racist and I shudder to think what they would do if they ever got into government.
  10. Yes - I wondered how long it would be before someone equated being a patriotic soldier and British citizen with being a tacit member of the BNP. Well done.

    Thankfully I am not one of the simplistic buffoons I alluded to earlier, but if the cap fits...
  11. Just a question about immigration, why do so many immigrants want to come to Britain? Why do they cross several "safe" countries to get here, before claiming asylum?

  12. What about the fanatics that are fully signed up members of britain and strike from within.

    Lets face it, you can only do so much to prevent terrorism, they always have the upperhand in planning (generally). What we need to do is exactly what we have done and show them that they will never break us.

    The BNP need a bit of a good kicking, noone should be trying to capitalise on what happened in london. Even Michael howard refrained from striking the easy punch!
  13. PTP - the hooligans do, in fact, advocate 'resettlement,' on the policies part of their website. It doesn't, however, carry the same connotations (YET) as Stalin/Hitler/Saddam/Pol's use of 'resettlement.'

    With any luck, the BNP wil have pushed things far too far this time, and have dissuaded those feeling failed by the Tories. We have always to remember that the Austrian corporal who caused so much bother was democratically elected. Bits - there's a great differnce between patriotism and nationalism. I dont think Darth is aiming at the dangerous side of nationalism with his avatar.
  14. Abu Hamza - currently on trial at the Central Criminal Court.
  15. Sarnies - I changed it anyway - it was obviously 'a bit too much'. God damn those vicious right-wing nutters...I'm off to level a few Bosnian villages, burn a couple of mosques and stamp on some kittens.