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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brummieboy1, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Have cut and pasted this from the RBL newsletter. Seems the BNP have dropped a b ollock here;

    The British National Party has been mocked for its latest anti-immigrant campaign poster – because it uses a picture of a Polish Spitfire.

    The poster, which is designed for the European elections, features a WWII plane with the headline ‘Battle For Britain.’

    But experts have identified the plane as the aircraft flown by RAF’s 303 Squadron – a force made up of expatriate Polish pilots.

    Liberal Democrat John Hemming said that the excuse was ridiculous, He said “the BNP often get confused and this happens because they haven’t done their research. This is just another example of them getting it wrong.

    “They have a policy to send Polish people back to Poland ¬ yet they are fronting their latest campaign using this plan.”

    However, the BNP denied the slip-up, insisting that they knew about the background of the plane.

    During WWII the Polish 303 Fighter Squadron claimed the highest number of kills of any Allied squadron. In the Battle of Britain alone, Polish pilots shot down more than 203 Luftwaffe aircraft, which was 12 per cent of total German losses in the battle.
  2. BNP cnuts! LMAO! :lol: :rofl:
  3. "oops"
  4. Here it is, I have scrubbed out the bnp sh1t.

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  5. BNP: "Norsefire" Walts... :roll:
  6. Did you do the editing on that post or just cut and paste it?
    It doesn't make sense or at least it isn't in order.

    What excuse was ridiculous?

    It is funny but I suppose the fact that the Poles came over did the job and then went home again is what they are getting at?
  7. Is this a Wah? The BNP tried to use the Spitfire as a symbol of "Britishness" or whatever those Mongs call it. Turns out the Spit in question was flown by POLISH fighter pilots. Thus proving the BNP to be a bunch of knuckle-fcukers(as if any more evidence was required :roll: )

    Makes perfect sense to me. :wink:
  8. The BNP would probably have been happier if the Luftwaffe had won.
  9. Actually the pilot of that aircraft was Jan Zumbach, who was Swiss.

    The Telegraph are no better in their research than the BNP :D
  10. He may be talking about this excuse:-

    The British National Party loves Europe but hates the EU, said Nick Griffin in a special tribute message to the Polish Spitfire pilots who served in the Royal Air Force during World War II.

    “We have deliberately used a Spitfire from the RAF No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron as our backdrop in the ‘Battle of Britain’ road show for the European elections,” Mr Griffin said.

    The BNP leader made the remarks while speaking to a Polish TV crew who came along to film the first road show event in Coventry last Saturday night. Mr Griffin went out of his way to point out to the TV crew that the image used on the backdrop was a Polish piloted Spitfire..........

    “Whatever is happening in the EU today has nothing to do with the traditionally strong bonds between our countries,” Mr Griffin said.

    “Not only do we have many Britons of Polish descent in the BNP — and some are even candidates — but the truth is that we love Europe, but hate what the EU is.”
  11. Because the "fact" is most WW2 Poles stayed here; as the dad of the first girl I went out with was a WW2 Polish soldier who settled in the West Riding...

    Pig ignorant back pedaling racist cnuts = BNP
  12. So many Poles stayed in the British Army after the war, that there was a whole regiment of RCT manned by Poles. A fact bourne out by 7 (?) LSR having a Polish Eagle in it´s unit emblem.

    There are still a fair few Polish surnames cutting around where I live, from generations ago.

    Re Spitfire.... If it was indeed piloted by a Swiss Pilot (as alledged to above) is that why it doesn´t bear the Polish indicator? I thought all Poles added a red and white symbol to their aircraft? Can´t find a picture, but it was basically four squares (two red, two white) and around the outside was a oppisite coloured line marking.... ie a white stripe on the two outer sides of the red square and vice versa.

    For the Battle of Britain (excluding Commonwealth) there were also Czechs, French, Belgium pilots and Several Yanks and Irish.

    There were two sqns of Poles (including ground crew) but Poles were evident in other units also.

    They reached UK, via France. First leaving Poland, then fighting for France.
  13. Theres a book called 'For your freedom and ours' about 303 Squadron, highly recommended!
  14. "Doomtown" that was built outside Millom in Cumberland, was built on an ex Polish Fighter Sqdn airfield. It was built to train soldiers in Civil Defence, ie, search and rescue in suburban areas.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    They are a bunch of throwback mongs. 'nuff said.