BNP satire bypass; don't realise Newsthump is a spoof website..


Weapons free.
Where do you think JC gets his policy ideas from?
(other answers include drugs fuelled psychedelic dreams, Bugsy and of course Bugsy's drugs/brasso fuelled psychedelic dreams)
I would be more concerned about blocking facebook friends that share that sort of shite.
Time for a friend clearout BB
"'Hug a jihadi' is it a joke Corbyn" (sic)

Er, yes, you throbbing twatferrets.

Jesus titty-fucking Christ. :rolleyes:
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Weapons free.
This is appalling. Making people sit on the naughty step is a vile form of abuse, leading to isolation, resentment, anger, self loathing and gender identity issues. An estimated 45% of men who were sat on the naughty step as children end up in failed marriages, while for women its 89%. Many victims end up in institutions or join the RAF Regiment. Life is hard enough being a Jihadi without this form of abuse. You'd think the EU would have acted on this matter before now.
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