BNP result good for ARRSE

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by whitecity, May 8, 2010.

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  1. One mighty fine result to come out of the election was a hemorrhaging of the BNP over the past year: 943,598 down to 563,743. Result! :D

    Knock on effect seems to be a complete absence on ARRSE of BNP trumpetry. Result! :D
  2. Really Whitecity you ought to differentiate between the General Election and the EU elections.
    If you did you might have noticed that the BNP actually nigh on trebled its vote share from 0.7% to 1.9%

    So far from being the disaster you would like it to be they did rather better than most of us would like. With Proportional Representation this would give them 13 MP's or so (?)

    Denial and ridicule will not deal with the BNP. Whilst that belief persists they will continue to be a blight on UK politics.
  3. I think they have served their purpose, a few years ago it was taboo to mention immigration.

    But if you actually vote for the BNP wanting to see them in power you're a loon.
  4. Agreed but Whitecity is wrong, the BNP's vote share nearly trebled. Not halved as Whitecity seems to think.

    Even UKIP increased their vote share by a third.
  5. Well the 2005 General Election they did 192, the 2010 General Election 563, the EU election they did 943,598...can you spot the difference..??..surely your really not that stu...Oh!...

    Beat me to it jagman.... :D
  6. In 2009, the BNP had 943,000 people willing to put a mark next to their candidate. 2 days ago, there were only 563,000.

    Doesn't matter whether it was an EU or a General election.

    No one can deny that legions of disgruntled Labour supporters were turning towards the BNP over the past few years. That process now seems to have reversed quite significantly.
  7. I'm afraid so :D
    Sadly I shall be labelled a racist, bigot, BNP supporting nasty Nazi type person for pointing it out!
  8. Oh give up Whitecity.
    You were wrong, it won't kill you to admit it :D

    The voting split is bound to be different between EU and General Elections and you know it.
  9. I'm going to use the worse insult on ARRSE, you sound like Whet. He said last night that both the BNP and UKIP votes collapsed.
    You can see in this link who got what. Only the Conservatives got a bigger percentage swing than the BNP. (and UKIP wasnt far behind)
  10. There was a BNP guy at the polling station I went to. Hair down past his shoulders and wearing jeans and a t shirt with a BNP rosette on it. He looked like a bit of a loony hippy. All he did all day was stand there talking to his mate who was with him about black and asian people and how everything was their fault, loudly, everybody could hear him whether they wanted to or not.

    One of the reasons he was talking so loudly was because he had secreted a bottle of scotch in the toilets which him and his mate steadily imbibed as the day went on. They both stank of it. If that's the general standard, there would seem to be little to fear but they can't all be as appalling as that I suppose.

    Oh and Barking and Dagenham seem to be light of BNP Councillors now, 12 of them in fact. Result!
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The type of Election makes a huge difference.

    Voters are far more inclined to cross the box for a fringe/single issue party in the European Elections (or Bye-elections for that matter) than they are in the National poll. Pledges and polling data are irrelevant when it comes to peoples actual voting, as has just been shown only two days ago.
  12. Really? In the 2009 Euro election Labour got 2.3 million votes in the 2010 general election they got 8 million, Does that mean Labour have improved over the last year?
  14. Good thing he wasnt smartly turned out in a suit being polite to everybody. Good thing you spotted what a nasty person he was. Shame that 6500 MORE people than the last general election disagreed with you and voted BNP.
  15. When it comes to fringe groups like the BNP, the actual election is essentially irrelevant except in a few minor cases such as UKIP due to their single-issue politics.

    There are 380,000 LESS people willing to give their mandate to the BNP than 12 months ago. Result!