BNP membership upto date ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. It's old data and when it was originally leaked it had stuff like their merchandising list, lapsed members and all sorts of chaff in it. Be wary of it.
  2. Have they a list of labour membership?

    I do like to keep the untermensch at arms length.
  3. They got my address wrong
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  4. I've got a neighbour on that list which isn't a surprise; he's a right bell end; mit shaven-tattooed head, in his 40s and still lives with Mum and Dad.

  5. Are you and your like minded fuck wit mates on there?
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  6. Its got the address of the local race hate nutter on it. I'd seen pics of him in the local and national press and seem him hanging around counts during local elections I'm pretty sure he used to live near me too. One evening I said to him 'Hello Paul B*****d, put any dogshit through Paki's letterboxes lately? You cunt.'

    'How do you know my name?'

    'I wasn't sure it was you, but you've just confirmed it. You can fuck off now'

    Now I know where he is I mustn't put dogshit through his letter box...Nor should others. It's very, very wrong. It's in Carshalton. 157 and 154 buses stop nearby. Nearest station Carshalton Beeches...

    Remember to wash your hands afterwards. Thank-you.
  7. Stephen yaxley aka Tommy Robinson the leader and co founder of the EDL, proved he can be as stupid as his legions of imbicile fans, got sent to prison for 10 months for trying to travel on a friends passport.
    I mean what did he expect would happen? Cxf are worried because they cant claim to provide security for him now.
    I wonder if he tried to use the passport of his 6ft5 ginger co founder.

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  8. Did anyone notice how well the Adams Family was represented? poor Moticia,s uterus must be as slack as a bugle blowers cheeks.
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  9. We get to see how many people like you there are in the country.

    You know, the ones who were forced to watch their mother taking several yards of massive, throbbing black meat every night for Tiger Tokens?

    You cunt.
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  10. i prefer green shield stamps

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