BNP Leader Pelted With Eggs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wehappyfew, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. The BBC is reporting that Nick Griffin has been pelted with eggs outside Parliament. If only they had a few spare to catch the new Cabinet.
  2. That seems a shame!

    I bet they weren't hard boiled?

    >>Beeb Linky<<
  3. When will people understand that parties like the BNP can't be "outed" as everyone knows what they are, and stunts like this just buy them more publicity.

    The current Government are the ones in need of this treatment.
  4. People spout on about the BNP being an extremist party,but isn't Labour with it's condemnation of any critisism of it's multicultral policies being branded racist also extremist?.It certianly sounds facist to me.
  5. What a bad waste of good eggs.
  6. You may not like the BNP's opinions and policies, but they represent the people who elected them and they have a duty, therefore, to represent those people, provided that what they do is legal.

    The anti BNP crew seem to have forgotten that we live in an almost democracy and would want to silence the BNP by non-democratic methods. It seems to me that the only democratic and civilised way to keep the far-right or left out of mainstream ploitics is to debate them out and to persuade the electorate that centrist policies are the way ahead.
  7. This is not the way to tackle the issue of the BNP. It's counterproductive but I expect little more from Student borad left (the majority of protestors) who seem to dominate the anti BNP argument. They are as much to blame for the success of BNP as Labour are.
  8. Maybe they think that Griffin will go away if they throw enough eggs at him?

    Total Fookwits.
  9. Yes it should have been directed at this Government.

    Those who harp on about racialist and can not accept a democratic vote, then they should be considered as fascist extremist.
  10. These 'anti-BNP' people, mostly marxist students trying to find something to do between their 2 lectures a week.

    I hate them more than i hate the BNP tbh.
  11. Here, here. The unite lot are against debate entirely. They don't think that freedom of speech should extend to the BNP idiots. Which only gives the BNP more ground to say that they are being discriminated against. :roll:
  12. Labour have forgotten that it is its very relaxed approach to immigration that has created the environment in which the far-right have developed very simple, powerful messages which are attractive in a recession, when unemployment figures creep higher on a daily basis.
  13. Seconded. I think this behaviour is disgraceful. I'm no fan of the BNP and to be frank their ludicrous economic and social policies but I'm mindful of the quote by Voltaire - "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

    That is the price of democracy. We have laws in place to cover libel, slander and incitment to hatred. If someone thinks what the BNP say or do is wrong then they need to win the argument not the shouting match.
  14. I bet those throwing the eggs are the same bunch who campaign for free speech etc etc. Looks like the same leeches again from London, who only a few weeks ago were calling the Met Police Fascists and murderers.

    It's nice to be able to protest under the protection of those who you despise just as much as the BNP.
  15. The only time that I had any respect for Prescott was when he clouted that twat that threw eggs at him.

    Let Griffen speak then destroy him intellectually; don't give him the oxygen of publicity that he needs. The main beneficiary of that skirmish was the BNP, not the anti-fascist oiks.