Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozgerbobble, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. Sky news

    Labour didnt get the legislation through and this is rushed through just before the election as well - I wonder how BNP will explain/spin this one :roll:
  2. Good, the guy and his party are pathetic. I am as much behind a strict immigration policy as the next man but I will not discirminate against anybody because of the colour of their skin. So there.

  3. Ooh I do love it when a rufty tufty soldier stamps his foot :lol:
  4. You will note that he has been charged with stirring up hatred.

    Last time I looked, hatred was an emotion. Not an action, an emotion. Therefore he has been arrested for inciting people to feel a certain way. Not to act a certain illegal way, but to feel. Thus he has committed a thoughtcrime.

    What's that I hear? Why, I think it's George Orwell (real name ironically Eric Blair) reaching the 10,000rpm point.
  5. Which ever way you look at it, he is using his position to encourage others to discriminate agianst people. You can't refute the evidence of that BBC documentary shown a while ago. I know that we only see what the editors want us to see but it still showed what really happened behind closed doors. Mr Griffin treads a very thin line and he has been caught with his toes on the wrong side. If he wishes to take part in a democratic society he should find out the rules and abide by them.

    Feet stamping halted.
  7. One really has to commend the speed with which the Yorkshire Constabulary have reacted to this most hienous crime. Now perhaps we can convince their CC to take over the Met Thought Crimes Division; after all some of the Immams in London were able to preach hatred for nearly a decade.
  8. Its also in Alice Mahon's (Labour) constituency which has a high ethnic mix and she saw her majority slide from 11,212 in 1997 to just 6,129 in 2001

    Labour being tough on race hate? or giving their MP an issue to win voters over with?
  9. Use the legal system for electioneering? Never!

    All this will do is make a martyr of Griffin & increase the BNP vote, however, since they will say that he has been proved right!
  10. Alice Mahon is a left-wing member of the awkward squad, hardly a poster child for Labour Party HQ.

    I can't stand the BNP but the timing of the charges might be contrasted with the silence so far on criminal charges over vote-rigging in Birmingham.
  11. I abhor his politics and his views but I have to admit to thinking this sucks when something that happens in private can lead to someone being criminally charged.

    What next?

    PS - if I were you armourer I'd run for the hills!!! :wink:
  12. I think he would be charged with an offence committed in public (at the speech he made); if, however, there's any question of the words he used behind closed doors, where he was unaware of covert cameras and microphones, being used against him, or even being used as the cause for the investigation against him, then that process certainly comes under the heading of 'thoughtcrime'.

    In 1984 we thought it would never happen.
  13. You're right. If the Twentieth Century proved one thing, it's that incitement to hatred never leads to violence.
  14. you've read 1984 CPT then.
  15. As prophecies go, 1984 was crap. I've read it twice and it doesn't mention Wham once.... 8)